Al Boom, Marina Hotel, Muttrah

Al Boom” is a charming and yet inexpensive restaurant overlooking Muttrah Harbor from the top of Marina Hotel just across from the Muttrah Fish Market.

Al Boom has only 6 tables outside (and a few more inside) and offers a fabulous view of the Muttrah Corniche.

The food here is simple but good.  They serve mostly Middle-Eastern and Indian dishes that you could expect at just about any other restaurant.  The view is the real selling point of this joint and many expats also love the idea that Al Boom is a licensed restaurant.  Nothing like a chilled glass of wine or cold beer to go with your meal and the scenery of Muttrah Port.

You can never go wrong with a Greek Salad!  (RO 1.755)

The Chicken Noodle Soup was delicious! (RO 1.755) My wife had the Seafood Soup which was also good (RO 2.106).  On this last “date night” we only had a light meal there (Greek Salad, Shrimp Deep Fried, fresh orange juice, seafood soup, chicken noodle soup and a large mineral water) and the bill only came to RO 12.517.

The gentleman working the frontdesk at the Marina Hotel, Fahad Al-Balushi.  He informed us that the rate for a single room is 20 rials, 30 for a twin and 35 for a double. Not bad considering that these rates include breakfast and taxes!

Bonus points for the one who can find the most errors, ha!ha!  I stayed here at the Marina a few years back when I’d travel into Muscat each weekend from Ibri.  The single room I stayed in was TINY.

Here are the contact numbers (Tel: 24713100, email: ) and meal times if you want to call ahead.  Notice in the pic above that dinner is from 7pm to noon!  I think they meant 12am MIDNIGHT there!  🙂

Here is the view of Muttrah from the Al Boom terrace.  I’ve had some good times here!  The Marina Hotel (if you have a car) is a lovely romantic setting for an evening out with a special lady.  2 thumbs up!


4 responses to “Al Boom, Marina Hotel, Muttrah

  1. Hi Andy,
    Looks fine that hotel, however, surely too expensive for us. I have a question. Currently we are trying to plan another time to come to Oman, since it did not work out this summer.

    But now only one of my daughters will be with us, she fears it will be annoying if her sister is not with her. She is 20 and studies for a teacher for English and Sports since September 2010. Do you have any idea where to go in Muscat, if ever we achieve in coming there in August/September? We have to arrange for that right now. However, the flights are still not gettting as cheap as I got mine in October 2009. The best are around 340 euros for a return flight with Turkish Airlines so far.

    We would really like to get to know a Christian church to visit, and maybe there would be young people who would anyway maybe go to the beach or something like this. Since she also needs to do some practice weeks in schools, I also thought maybe that would be an idea to do it there… You can write me by my email. I think you wrote me once, but I do not find your email any more.

  2. Berthold,
    If you notice the prices (now posted!), I think you’d agree that this hotel is not very expensive at all.
    There are plenty of places to go in Muscat if you come in August/September. The weather is still quite humid at that time though and most people resort to hiding out in their homes or shopping malls to escape the heat though. 😉 The church website ( ) provides the timings/locations for all its services for when you get here.
    I hope some cheap tickets are made available to you! Keep me posted!

  3. Finally someone else likes the Al Boom 🙂

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