Baby’s 1st time at the Beach!

Finally took Gershom to the beach!  Here we are at Al Shatti Al Qurum Beach just a stone’s throw from Costa Coffee.

It’s always lovely to see Gershom’s first reaction to new things.  Sometimes he wrinkles his face up when trying new foods.  Instead of being afraid of the noise of fireworks, I was surprised that he couldn’t seem to get his eyes off them during his first view of fireworks!  Once again I was mistaken about how he would react to something else new.  I thought he would be very cautious about the waves splashing in…but our baby loved the beach and seemed ready to head straight for the ocean if we didn’t hold him back, ha!ha!

Our big boy at 10 months 1 week and 5 days (I used to laugh when someone would tell me how many weeks and days their kids were, ha!ha!)

Now to buy our baby his first swimsuit!  This whole parenthood thing is a lot of fun!  :-)

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6 responses to “Baby’s 1st time at the Beach!

  1. Aww so cute! I loved the last pic! It looks that he enjoyed it so much (pic 2: he didn’t know people were taking a photo of him :p)

    God bless him.

  2. Thanks, Mimi!
    Glad you enjoyed the pics of our pride and joy! :-) I just wish I had taken a video to capture his first experience of the sea!

  3. He’s ready for his 1st swimming attire! :D

  4. Yes, he definitely looks ready! :-)

  5. MashaAllah, he’s getting big now:)

  6. Yes, he’s quite the handful! Just wait till he starts walking! :-)

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