Authentic Persian Cuisine at Shiraz, Crowne Plaza Hotel

Shiraz at the Crowne Plaza Hotel is one of the few places to get authentic Persian cuisine in Oman.  It’s one of the more expensive restaurants in Muscat but with good reason!  The food is wonderfully presented and the views from the alfresco terrace are second to none, overlooking the Qurum beach shoreline.

The terrace offers a romantic setting for anyone in Muscat taking out a special someone or celebrating a special event!

Shiraz is well known for their extensive wine list.

Shiraz offers some free appetizers including salad, nuts, cheese and bread!  (So if you’re on a tight budget, you could skip the appetizers and go right to the soup or main dish sections of the menu…)

MMM!!! Iranian bread!!!  The bread at Shiraz is reason enough to treat yourself here!

Iranian Vegetable Broth known as Soup Tabrizi. Boiled barley cooked with tomato paste & cubes of vegetables served with barberry & parsley.  (RO 3) Loved it!

Cucumber & Pomegranate Salad – Salad Anar Shiraz.  Fresh cucumber and pomegranate mixed together and served with special pomegranate sauce. (RO 3.75) This salad was incredible.  Hard to describe just how fantastic this salad tasted.  The salad itself sounds extremely simple but it’s unlike any salad I’ve ever tried.

Shiraz Salad – Salad E Shirazi. Diced tomatoes, cucumbers & onions with a minty garlic olive lemon sauce. (RO 3.5)  Pretty good!

Smoked Eggplant & Eggs – Mirza Ghasemi.  This hot appetizer consists of grilled eggplant mixed with garlic, tomato, onion & eggs. (RO 5)  This was a wonderful choice as an appetizer!

All types of rice to choose from!  All kebabs at Shiraz are served with your choice of white rice or trio of Persian rice, pickles & grilled tomato.

Lamb Shank – Baghali Polo Ba Mahiche.  Soft lamb shank served with Iranian green rice & tomato sauce.  (RO 13)

Lamb & Green Beans Stew – Khoroshteh Lobiyah.  Lamb shoulder stewed with peeled tomato & green beans served with white rice. (RO 8)

Lamb & Bean Stew – Ghormeh Sabzi.  Lamb shoulder slowly cooked with Iranian herbs, red beans & dry lemon served with white rice. (RO 8 -(what we were charged but menu says 9.8!) ?)  Delicious!

This plate has 3 different khababs that we ordered.  Mahi Kabab or Fish Kebab is hammour fillet marinated with dill, olive oil, lemon juice & saffron, and (like all the kebabs) served with a trio of Iranian rice & pickles. (RO 11.5)  Kababeh Sarashpaz or Mixed Seafood Kebab is a combination of shrimp, lobster & Hammour marinated with fresh mint, garlic & saffron. (RO 18)  Kabab E Dandeh or Lamb Chop Kebab is lamb chop marinated with saffron, black pepper, olive oil & mint. (RO 13.6).  Kebabs are some of the best and most expensive items on the menu.  We probably went overboard on this night!  They also have 3 course set menus available (certain starters + main course + dessert) for 18 rials +17% service charge/tax per person.

This delicious looking dessert like dish is actually an iced coffee! (RO 1.8)

Faludeh – Persian sorbet made of thin vermicelli noodles frozen with corn starch, rose water & lime juice.  It is a traditonal dessert in Iran and most famous in Shiraz. (RO 3.7)

Iranian Chef extraordinaire, Abol Fazi Narman Zadeh!!!  :-)  Any questions on the dishes available here? Just email to:

I love the paintings with Iranian cultural scenes on the walls at Shiraz!

This should give you a fair idea of what to expect when dining at Shiraz.  It was a lovely evening out for us and I highly recommend this fantastic restaurant.  Tel: (968)246 60660  Fax:(968) 246 60600

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  1. Hi Andy,

    I’ve read your blog quite a bit while doing research on tourism in Muscat. I’m now trying to figure out when Shiraz opened–do you have any idea? Thanks!


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