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Message to Canadians Regarding Demonstrations in Oman

(Le français suit)I
The Canadian Embassy advises all Canadian citizens resident in the Sultanate of Oman to avoid demonstrations, as they may turn violent with little or no advanced warning. Canadians are asked to exercise the utmost vigilance and to ensure adequate security measures are in place for their personal safety. They should plan to avoid areas in which demonstrations or large gatherings might take place.

Canadians should monitor the Oman Travel Report on and are encouraged to advise Canadians who are not registered with the Embassy to do so at the same website.


L’Ambassade du Canada conseille les citoyens Canadiens qui habitent le Sultanat d’Oma à éviter des manifestations, qui peuvent devenir violentes avec peu de ou aucun avertissement antérieur. Les Canadiens sont priés d’exercer une prudence extrême et de s’assurer que les mesures nécessaires sont en place pour protéger leur sécurité personnelle. Ils devraient planifier à éviter les lieux où les manifestations ou grands rassemblements peuvent avoir lieu.

Les Canadiens en Arabie saoudite devraient contrôler le Rapport de voyage pour l’Oman sur  et sont priés d’aviser les Canadiens qui ne sont pas enregistrés avec l’Ambassade de s’inscrire à l’Inscription des Canadiens sur le même site.

Peaceful Protests Vs. Mob Mentality

A lot of us are shocked over recent events in Sohar.  It has been reported that 6 protestors have been killed in clashes with police forces.  People outside of Oman may assume that what has happened (or is happening) here is quite similar to what is happening elsewhere in the Middle East but it’s a different case, I believe.  There is little to complain about in Oman and Oman was even voted by the UN as the most improved nation of the world in the past 40 yearsA separate report lists Oman as the most stable country in the Middle East.  What we are seeing is young men (18-25) with too much time on their hands, who are simply imitating what we’ve seen in other countries.  That is my humble opinion.

There are times when large masses of people will have had enough and band together to topple a corrupt leader or regime.  This is not the case in Oman.  Sultan Qaboos is loved by 99.99% of the citizens and has been applauded time and time again for bringing Oman into the modern world in 40 short years.  As I watch the news each evening, I notice one common assumption that many of the broadcasters make.  They assume that wherever you have a large group of protestors there must be a legitimate reason.  That is not always true!  What about MOBS?!

I’ll write more about his later but for now, those outside Oman reading this should know that all is well here.  The media has a way of blowing things out of proportion.  No need for phonecalls or emails asking if we’re alright.  Rest assured that this is a small isolated incident and Oman, in general, is still a very peaceful and stable place to live.

The Ordinary Becoming Extraordinary

Reverend Michael Peppin gave the congregation an insighful message from John 2 – the passage on Jesus changing water into wine at a wedding in Cana.

I’ll share some of the notes I took during this wonderful sermon tomorrow. It’s too late to be up!

More of Muscat Festival!

Muscat Festival 2011 at Naseem Park!

Dancing with Knives Video #1     Dancing with Knives Video #2

Little Arab drummer boys

This ride offers an awesome view of the entire Naseem Park but it was super freaky!  The platform fell at such a fast rate, I thought I was going to have a heart attack!  Here’s a short video my wife caught of me and our friend, Deepa, on this scary ride, haha.

Once would have been enough, but they drop you TWICE!  The 1st time wasn’t so bad because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but the 2nd time is nerve-wracking as you wait for the ride to drop you knowing that it feels like you’re dropping to your death!  Here’s a video of “round 2”.

Video of some amusement rides at Naseem Park

Gershom’s 1st amusement park ride!

A short vid of the breakdance ride

Mexican Dancing,      Mexican Singing,      My Attempt at Mexican Singing.