Nick Vujicic is Coming to Oman!

Nick Vujicic will be giving a motivational talk at the Al Bustan Palace this coming Monday, February 7th. morning: 9am-12pm and in the evening 6pm-9pm.  I’m really looking forward to meeting such an inspirational man!

If you’re interested, Niloufer only has a handful of tickets left so get them while you can!  (GSM:(+968)99452843)

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2 responses to “Nick Vujicic is Coming to Oman!

  1. New price for students and teachers, 15 Ro for the morning show, sold now at Pizza Hut Al Qurum

  2. That’s great to hear! Thanks Shinigami!!! Unfortunately, most teachers (at least this one!) and students will be at school in the morning making it impossible to attend that session!!! Thanks for the new info. I really hope it benefits someone out there! :-)

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