Pane Caldo Italian Restaurant, Al Shatti, Qurum


Another fine restaurant in the small Al Jawharat mall in Al Shatti Qurum!  This lovely Italian restaurant is located between Dairy Queen and Salubrious.  With so many restaurants to choose from it could be easy to overlook this restaurant.  And you’d be making a big mistake!  We really enjoyed the food here. 

Looks like a great deal if you’re in the area from Saturday to Wednesday during lunch!

Awesome lemon ice tea! (RO 1)

This fantastic bread was offered free of charge once we sat down.  Sweet!

The Crema di Zucca soup was delicious!  (RO 2.1)  Creamy pumpkin and spinach with a touch of mascarpone.

If we ever return to Pane Caldo, we’ll definitely order up the Calamari Fritti again! (RO 2.5)  Lightly battered calamari and red bell pepper mayonnaise.

If you want to experience some real Italian pizza, forget Pizza Hut and order a calzone at Pane Caldo!  Calzones are fresh pizzas, folded into a pocket, filled with a selection of fine ingredients and baked in their pizza oven.  I went with the Ischia Calzone which consisted of mussels, prawns, calamari, crabmeat, capers, tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.  (RO 4.3)


The dishes my wife and sister in law ordered were the Bucatini Marinara (mixed seafood in a lightly spicy tomato sauce with Bucatini pasta – RO 4.6) and the Risotto Pescatora (traditional mixed seafood risotto – RO 4.5).

Anyone reading this been to Pane Caldo?  If so, how was your experience?  (Tel:24698697.  Open daily 11:30-11:30pm) Pane Caldo mornings coming soon…can’t wait!

UPDATE – This restaurant is unfortunately now closed!!!


3 responses to “Pane Caldo Italian Restaurant, Al Shatti, Qurum

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  2. I think something called Panmeera has opened there.. Didn’t look like a very inviting menu. Me and my friends walked out after reading the menu and walked across to Just Grilled 😀

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