Shang Thai, Al Khuwair: Fine Thai Dining

ShangThai is a fantastic Thai restaurant in al Khuwair just behind McDonald’s and the Shell petrol pump.  This place remains one of my wife’s favorite restaurants in Muscat.

A lovely spacious restaurant

Fresh seafood!

Citrus Mint Cooler (1.6 RO)

The chefs hard at work and caught off guard, ha!ha!

The lobster is SO good at ShangThai!

Che with one of our Thai waitresses!

I didn’t label any of the dishes as we’ve been there so many that I’m not 100% on which dish is which.  In addition, we’ve often had “special promotions” such as a Valentine’s Day set menu and a Chinese NewYears set menu.  To give you an idea of some of the prices, here’s a list off a few receipts I’ve found around the house: Crab & Sweet Corn Soup (2.2 RO), Khanom Jeeb (2.5 RO), Vegetable Spring Rolls (2.2 RO), Mixed Seafood Hakkian (3.5 RO), YoungChow Fried Rice (3 RO), Stir Fried Shitake (3.8 RO), Crispy Duck with Thai sauce (3.9 RO), Koi Tiow Nam Chicken soup (2.2 RO), Chilli Lamb (4.3 RO), coconut with straw (1.4 RO) Chinese NewYears Set Menu for 2 (28 RO).

If you live in Muscat and haven’t been to this fine restaurant, you really should try it out.  (Tel: 968-2448-3083)

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6 responses to “Shang Thai, Al Khuwair: Fine Thai Dining

  1. oh no! They replaced the indian restaurant with the overpriced pizza express. Glad the Thai restaurant is still there though…YUMMY!

  2. Amber,
    We never tried Mirchi before they replaced it with PizzaExpress. The lunch special at Pizza Express sounds pretty good though!
    Shang Thai is one of my wife’s favorites! :-)

  3. Nice review! I’m new here at Oman and I think I better try this restaurant as well. Thanks Andy for giving review. :) By the way,when I got here I try PizzaExpress, the pasta and pizzas were amazing! Dough is natural which means it is soft and fresh. I think you should also try PizzaExpress, and post review to them as well.. Thanks once again.. :)

  4. cate,
    Thanks! 1st of all, welcome to the Sultanate of Oman! :-) Hope you enjoy living here. You are the 2nd person this week to tell me that I should try Pizza Express. I just might have to check them out. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting.

  5. Andy,

    I’ll be waiting for your review at PizzaExpress. Thanks :)

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