“Misguided Youth” Indeed!

                   A friend of mine who I worked with in Ibri sent me this disturbing link to a news article in Muscat Daily titled “Misguided Youth Behind Ibri Trouble“.  How disturbing but oh so predictable.  No doubt foreigners from outside Ibri will be blamed not unlike the silly comment by Essa bin Mohammed Al Zedjali in the most recent “Viewpoint” in the Times of Oman that “I strongly believe that the miscreants were not the loyal sons of Sohar but were from other far off places.”

On a positive note, it’s nice to see that Muscat Daily is now online! That’s big news to me!!!  🙂

6 responses to ““Misguided Youth” Indeed!

  1. Oh, brother. It’s funny how in the latest one he says “young and brave” about the ones who demonstrated in Egypt and Tunisia, when it comes to Oman though, they’re “brainwashed double agents”, or more gently put by him: “misguided.”

    Anyway: Hi Andy! Regards to Chi! Happy belated birthday to the little one!

    • Noora,
      Thanks for the kind words regarding the little one’s birthday! Thanks also for the hilarious comment. I couldn’t agree more! 🙂

  2. Waiver of loans they themselves deigned to TAKE from the banks knowing very well this is forbidden by their religion of Islam? the government BETTER NOT PAY. They deserve to pay back what they borrowed. Interest from bank loans is a sin for Muslims in the first place, let them right their own wrongs. That is not for His Majesty or Oman to do. Oman and His Majesty did not and do not force Omanis to take loans. That is disgusting.

  3. Noora: well, in Egypt religious Egyptians, not terrorists, were persecuted by the Government, people that spoke out about government corruption and thievery disapeared… So in a way, those Egyptian protestors that forced their “President” out were brave, while these Omani ones are fighting for their loans to be paid and free hand outs from government. I have yet to meet one fighting for freedom. Them calling for accountability of government and transparency peacefully, this is supported, but the rest are the antics of spoiled children not brave men and women, alas.

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