The 18th Annual Canadian Stampede, Muscat, Oman

The Stampede was fun.  I’m glad we decided to go this year after encouragement from some friends who also went out of their way to get us tickets!

These were the official door greeters who collected tickets and put a wrist band on our arms.

It was cute to see everyone dressed up as cowboys and cowgirls!  🙂

Some people take their costumes to a whole new level at the Stampede like this gentleman dressed as a Royal Canadian Mounted Policeman!  There were plenty of people like us asking to get a quick photo with him.

The famous stampede bull!  Each person was allowed one free photo; either on the bull or on the nearby wagon.  If you came as a couple you could get a photo together in both!  Photos were ready to be picked up just a few hours later.  This one posted here was taken from a friend off my camera.

I want to be a cowboy and you can be my cowgirl.”

I heard the buffet was one of the highlights of the stampede.  It was alright but not that great.

4 responses to “The 18th Annual Canadian Stampede, Muscat, Oman

  1. Their map is missing Nunavat!
    Looks like fun.

    • That’s exactly what I said when I saw the map! 🙂 Someone told me that the map and stampede are so ancient that Nunavut probably wasn’t officially recognized until after this map was painted. Hmm…not sure though as Nunavut was made an official territory in 1999 so I don’t think that map is 11 years old! 🙂 Include Nunavut for the 2012 Canadian Stampede, I say!

  2.! May I just say that Che makes an adorable cowgirl?! You guys are just too cute!

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