Al Tajin GrillHouse at Radisson Blu, Muscat

I’ve heard time and time again that Al Tajin at Radisson Blu (in Al Khuwair) is the place to go for good steak in Muscat so I decided to surprise my honey and take her there as part of her birthday celebration.

Tajin Grillhouse is simple and small but rather charming.

I love the Omani door art pieces just above the kitchen!

The prices are somewhat expensive but not really that steep when you consider that it comes with a starter buffet and a dessert buffet as part of the deal!

The starter buffet, our friendly waiter and my honey’s elbow, ha!ha!

2 of the Al Tajin chefs

This dish, Surf & Turf, was my meal and boy was it ever good! (18.803 RO)

My honey was equally impressed with her Fisherman’s Platter. (20.512 RO)  The dishes are quite large so many people (the waiter told us) order one dish and share it.  Because of the starter and dessert buffets, this is totally doable.

If you’re looking for a nice quiet place for a romantic evening out (with great steak!), Tajin is a good choice.  It’s also a wonderful restaurant to surprise someone celebrating a birthday if you call in advance and let the staff at Tajin know!  This is a must of course if you wish to have them put the person’s name on the cake.  Check out the cake they provided (free of charge!) below.  Most importantly, they didn’t spoil the surprise and together we really caught my wife off guard when the cake, candles and singing started, ha!ha!  🙂  (I would highly recommend anyone taking advantage of this birthday offer to tip extremely well otherwise that just wouldn’t be right.)

Has anyone reading this been to Tajin? What was your experience?  We were impressed and we definitely plan on returning!  (Tel: 24487777) Open daily 6am-midnight.  Licensed and all major credit cards accepted.


9 responses to “Al Tajin GrillHouse at Radisson Blu, Muscat

  1. Hi Andy & Chee … Happy Birthday to Chee, wishing both of you blessed years ahead (ahemmmm and many more lil ones! 😉 ) 😀

  2. Alice,
    Thanks a lot! 🙂 One little one seems to be enough of a handful for now, ha!ha! God bless!

  3. Hi there, yes, definately a great place to go and eat. Food is good and service as well.

    If you liked that place, you will like the Safari Steakhouse at the Grand Hyatt hotel even better. Better price / quality and the gang knows what they are doing. Give it a try. They have all in package deals (food & drinks all inclusive). It’s on the rooftop, so it is getting hot, better go soon!


  4. Happy Birthday Chee, and many more.

    In the picture of you two together, Andy, you look just like an older version of Caleb, the brother of the Christian friend of mine who was supposed to visit (she got engaged to a Japanese/Egyptian Christian 🙂 so the visit has been delayed with future plans).

    If Christina does finally come when you help her find the church, I will definately force her to dig out a pic of her little brother for you to see the resemblance 😀

  5. Cindy,
    Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll definitely try to get over to the Safari Steakhouse when we get a chance! 🙂

    Thanks for the birthday greeting! 🙂 Let me know when Christina finally does decide to come. Give her my warmest congrats on getting engaged!

  6. Hi Andy,
    just stumbled on your blog looking for info about the Turkish mosque as I am fairly close by and am planning to visit it. It was an interesting story about the Sultan and his father, thanks for posting this.
    My wife is a teacher who is now working here too. It was her birthday celebration this week and we went to this returant too. I agree it was a very good meal and we really enjoyed ourselves…especially the drink as much as you want for 7 rials!

  7. Hi, John!
    I’m glad you enjoyed the blogpost on the Al Taimur Mosque in Al Khuwair and the story of Sultan Qaboos and his father. I enjoyed reading about it myself in the book I mentioned there and so I wanted to share that with others. I hope your wife had a fabulous birthday celebration! 🙂 Nice to hear you enjoyed Tajin Steakhouse as well. I noticed that “all you can drink option with dinner for 7 rials” but unfortunately couldn’t take them up on it as I was driving. Steak tastes even better with a good glass of wine! 🙂
    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  8. nice place I like it and Che deserve celebrated in palace hotel kempinski 😉 not just in Al Khuwair.
    I know that it is late but , Happy Birthday to Che.

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