Muttrah Fort along the Corniche


Muttrah Fort is along the Muttrah Corniche, a short walk from Muttrah Souq.

This fort was constructed by the Portuguese in the 17th century and the Omanis captured it around 1654 AD.

With such a steep rock face I never dared to even think of climbing up to the fort until my last trip to Muttrah when I noticed…

stairs leading up to the fort!  I smell “ADVENTURE“!

These pics don’t really tell the whole tale! It is a steep and tiring climb. (or it may very well be that I’m just plain out of shape!)

The boards just below the fort didn’t look that stable at all but hey, I came this far; not about to quit now!

This was as far as I could go.  Was quite impressed to turn around and take in this view!

If you ever make it to this area and decide to give this climb a try, I really wouldn’t recommend it for anyone with any health problems as it really is quite taxing on the body.  The climb down was made even harder by cramps in my legs. (Boy I sound like an old granddaddy here!)

Ah, Muttrah!

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4 responses to “Muttrah Fort along the Corniche

  1. Fahad Al Hadhrami

    Dear Andrew,
    I liked your pictures of Muttrah. They are nice.
    I want to include your quote in my facebook page.
    What do you say about Muscat from your 15 years visit?
    Could you please tell me then I will publish it in my facebook page.
    I will give you something by linking it to your web site.
    Best regards – Fahad Al Hadhrami

  2. Fahad,
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad you enjoyed the pics of Muttrah. Muttrah is gorgeous! I have only been living in Muscat for the past 3 years (and 4 years in total living in Oman). I don’t have any fancy quotes about Muscat but I would say that it’s a beautiful place to live/work and raise a family in the Middle East with plenty to see and do! Kind regards to you as well! :-)

  3. Andrew,

    Great pictures! How long ago did these pictures get taken? Is there a danger from falling debris?


  4. Robin,
    Thanks! :-) These pics must have been taken in the early months of 2011. There isn’t much danger from falling debris but it is a rather steep climb, so there is a danger of tripping on the steps and falling or pulling a leg muscle!

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