Plenty of Fun to be Had at Marah Land!

Whether you have little ones or not, Marah Land (Marah is Arabic for “Joy” or “Happiness“) is a great place for kids of all ages: from 1 to 100!

As you can see, prices for the amusement rides range from 300 baizas to 1.5 rials.

Marah Land is right next to Qurum Natural Park.  Entrance is 300 baizas and children under five are not charged for entrance.

My favorite: the Ferris wheel!  🙂

While I would not advise following their use of punctuation and capitalization, I would heed their advice on safety!  🙂

The Ferris wheel offers some amazing views of the Qurum area!

There’s nothing quite like seeing a technician close one of the rides down for 15 minutes to attend to modifications (repairs?) to build up confidence in getting on the rides, huh?!  🙂

 Popular with the kiddies: the Marah Land train!

Marah Land is open Saturday-Thursday 8am-1pm and 4pm-midnight and Fridays from 4pm-midnight. (Tel:24562215)


2 responses to “Plenty of Fun to be Had at Marah Land!

  1. Its interesting to see how simple their written English is; and its probably direct translation! 🙂 The message is understood, that’s what is important! 🙂

  2. So true, Alice!

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