Hot Pot & Grills Restaurant in Bareeq al-Shatti Mall

A relatively new restaurant serving Asian food has opened up next door to Wasabi Sushi in Bareeq al-Shatti Mall.  The waiter said they served “Korean/Oriental food” but I wouldn’t call any restaurant Korean which doesn’t have kimchi on the menu! 🙂

With a name like “Ocean Warrior“, we just had to order this salad, haha.  It contains mixed seafood: prawns, squid, fish with diced vegetables in oriental dressing. (3.5 OR) We really enjoyed this salad.

Under the Dim Sum Special section of the menu, we went with the “Seafood Dumplings“.  Steamed seafood dumplings in a Chinese hand-made pastry, served wtih chef’s special sauce. The wife LOVED this dish which says it all! 🙂  (2.9 OR)

There are 7 selections of soup on the menu: Hot Pot Seafood (2.9) / Chicken (2.5) / Vegetable (1.9), FishBall Soup (2.4), and Mild & Creamy Meat (2.3) / Chicken (2.3) / Vegetable Soup (1.9). My wife chose the FishBall Soup pictured above which is a clear soup with Fish Balls and glass noodles.  My wife thought it was too salty but that’s exactly why I loved it! 🙂

I wasn’t that impressed when the soup I ordered arrived at our table. I thought I had made a mistake as it didn’t look that impressive to me.  These thoughts quickly vanished with my first few spoonfuls, especially as I scooped so much hidden chicken from the bottom of the bowl.  This soup is “Mild & Creamy Chicken Soup” and it was almost as good as the salty FishBall Soup.

Because of all the dimsum, salad and soup we had, we decided to order just one main course (Seafood Platter) for the 3 of us which was a good call.  The main course section has 5 different styles of the Special Hot Pot Platter: Vegetarian (4.2 rials-additional vegetable plate costs 2.2), Chicken (5.5 rials-additional chicken plate costs 2.5), Meat (5.5 rials-additional meat plate costs2.5), Seafood (6.5 rials-additional seafood plate costs 3.5), and the Mixed Platter (6.9 rials-additional mixed plate costs 3.9).

The waiter poured out the soup contents into the metal container you see there and we started cooking up the food on the grill.  Reminds me of Korea where we would often have to cook our own food on similar type grills.  The other table didn’t seem as comfortable cooking their own food so the waiter kept coming over to turn over their food on the grill.  The “free” soup that comes along with the main dish is pretty good so we’d probably skip the soup on any future visits.

Overall, we had a very pleasant experience at this restaurant.  The price for all our food and drinks (including a large water, 2 softdrinks and a 1.9 rial avocado shake) was only 18 rials + 1.62 rials for tax for a total of 19.62 rials.  Not bad! 🙂

Has anyone reading this been to Hot Pot?!  If so, what did you think of the place?  If not, why not try it out for yourself?  (Tel: 24404291, email:


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