Leaving Oman for Good?!

A number of expats prepare to head home each May and June, some for a 2-3 month summer vacation and others for good as their contracts come to an end.  If this describes you, dear reader, why not gather some of your unused items to be distributed to the less fortunate labourers here in Oman.  I recently picked up 2 bags of clothes from a departing co-worker to be given to The Nearly-New Centre.  (Thanks, Karen.  God bless! 🙂 )  









The Nearly New is a thrift store or second hand store where items are sold for mere baizas.  The prices are so low it’s like giving the items away.  They’ve found that this works better than simply just giving things away.  It’s as if people are more grateful for receiving items at extremely low prices (often just baizas) than they seem to be about getting free stuff.  Of course many items are given away to down and out people who are in real need.

So if you have stuff that you need to get rid of and were just going to throw it out anyway, why not email me at andydbrown@hotmail.com or Jess at jess.pco@gmail.com  and together we can work out a time and place to pick up your items to be given to the nearly new to help out the less fortunate.  Thanks!  🙂


7 responses to “Leaving Oman for Good?!

  1. Hi! I’ve been trying to find out from people whether there is anything like this here. At last! I’ve been giving things to my cleaner to give to her church but I agree, there is something about buying your own things, regardless of how cheap and not actually feeling like a ‘charity case’…pride, maybe.

    Anyway, nothing to give yet but I’ll keep a note of the details. Thanks Andy!

  2. Natalie,
    Hi, there! So glad that you’ve found a place to offload any accumulated junk! 🙂 I find it AMAZING how much stuff piles up…and fast! It’s always nice to do some spring cleaning. The nearly new presents me with yet another great excuse to buy more useless stuff that I really don’t need because “Hey, if it doesn’t fit/work/match, I’ll just give it to the nearly new”, ha!ha! Give me a shout anytime and I’ll gladly haul your stuff off to bless others with! 🙂

  3. Hi,Where is this located ?Lot of people I know have been looking fro a place to give away old clothes and other household items.

  4. Is there a place where we can drop off rather than arrange someone to collect? The latter always makes me feel a bit awkward. I’d rather go to a shop or location that is open at specific times (preferably outside of office hours as I work!) even if only once a week, and drop off the items.

    Also my children would get upset if they saw me giving away things that used to be theirs when they were small but they have no use for now they are a bit bigger. I’d prefer, as I said, to just drop off items.

    Do let me know on your blog if such a thing could be arranged.


  5. Oh I am so glad to know about this:)!

  6. Sen & Fredsays,
    It’s located in the Ruwi Church compound next to Muscat Bakery and the petrol pump just across the street from Al Falaj Hotel. The business hours are limited so the best place to drop items off at are at the PCO (Protestant Church in Oman) office (24799475/24702372) just behind the church (ask in the Bible Society store there – they can guide you). The only problem is that they are only open during office hours. I think Cecil in the Bible Society wouldn’t mind stuff being dropped off there if you explained that they are for The Nearly New. Cheers!

    “Knowing is half the battle”, right!? 🙂

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