Marjan Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Hotel

The pool next to Marjan Asian Restaurant is gorgeous and makes a lovely setting for a romantic evening out. Marjan’s “summer hours” are in effect starting  tomorrow (May 21st) until at least August: 9am until 6 pm but the kitchen is only open from 11:30am to 5:30pm.  You may want to wait until cooler weather in Oct-Feb, but in the meantime let me share our wonderful experience there with you.

Marjan is located in the back of the Hyatt (968-24641234). You can reach it by walking straight through the main lobby, downstairs past the scrumptious Mokha Cafe and out the door.  Then you just follow the footpath to Marjan.

Just follow the sign!  Marjan’s menu is mostly made up of asian food.

Aqua Panna water-3.8 rials a bottle at Marjan! (1.6 OR at Pane Caldo)  That lion on the bottle looks kind of like the lion fountains close to the Hyatt’s backdoor.

The Seafood Soup (Sate Lilit) was fantastic! (5.5 OR) Unlike many seafood soups around town, this had a lot of different types of seafood on the bottom and was quite filling on its own.

My wife enjoyed the Clear Chicken Noodle Soup (Soto Ayam) (3.5 OR).  It was a tad bit salty but that’s all the more reason for me to order this dish on the next visit!

The Crispy Prawn and Bamboo Shoot Spring Rolls with Sweet Chili Dip were okay.  I say “okay” only because you’d expect more for 5.5 Omani rials when the spring rolls at the Noodle House are half the price and arguably more delicious. (and no one can beat Burger King’s spring rolls at only 700 baizas for 3 pieces!  :-) )

The main course prices range from 5.5 rials for the grilled fish in banana leaves all the way to 22 rials for the grilled marinated lobster. (Bear in mind that they, like many 5 star hotels in Oman, will add a 8% service charge and a 9%tax!)

They also have an impressive sushi/sashimi/fushion roll/temaki menu!

This was my incredible dish: Tumis Sapi (Stir Fried Beef and Straw Mushrooms in Black Pepper Sauce). (7.5 OR)  What a meal!

My wife had to try the Tiger Prawns (Udang Goreng Lada Hitam) which we’d heard is the meal to have at Marjan’s. (Wok fried tiger prawns with black pepper – 8.5 OR)  And yes, it does live up to its reputation!

One thing that I really enjoyed about our evening at Marjan was the entertainment provided by these 2 talented gentlemen.  They would go from table to table asking for 1-2 personal requests. (If you get them to perform at your table, I highly recommend slipping them some extra green for their wonderful service!)

Club Safari, also at the Hyatt, is an African themed bar to grab a drink or two after a fine meal at one of the Hyatt’s fine restaurants. (Tel: 24641234, Open 6pm-2am)

Another bar at the Grand Hyatt: Habana Cafe.  I haven’t heard anything about this place.  Anyone been here?  What’d you think?

GrillHouse on Terrace?  Another spot between the parking and main entrance of the Hyatt.  Plenty of places to check out if you’ve never been out for an evening at the Hyatt. 

Next for us on the list of restaurants to visit at the Hyatt: Tuscanny!!!  Anyone been there? If so, what do you recommend on the menu?

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5 responses to “Marjan Restaurant at the Grand Hyatt Hotel

  1. Mmmm, the dish 1st right under the menu pic looks delish, even though I don’t know exactly what it is.

  2. Do you ever eat at home?!?!?! :-)

  3. OPNO,
    Now that I’ve finally posted some commentary, you can see that it’s stir-fried beef. DELICIOUS!!!

    You are too funny! YES, once in a blue moon we DO sit down together at the family dining room table for a meal, ha!ha! But seriously, with all the fantastic restaurants in Muscat at mostly affordable prices, why not eat out, right?! ;-)

  4. Pingback: “The Essence of Indonesia” at Marjan, Muscat Grand Hyatt | Andy in Oman

  5. I’ve always enjoyed the Marjan. It definitely more of a special occasion restaurant than your everyday place because compared to most places in Muscat it’s expensive outside of what I call ‘International Hotel Prices’. Prices that have nothing to do with everyday costs in Muscat and are geared for the rich tourist crowd that Oman is trying to attract. The food is very good and the service is charming (if a little slow). Keeping the special occasion thread going, I recommend asking for a glass of champagne. It looks expensive but we where given the world’s largest glass of champagne and it was Tattinger too so very nice.

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