Omantel Home Broadband! Now We’re Talking!

76 days later, I now have broadband in my home! Wow! Talk about fast! (I’m talking about the internet speed of course and not the service!  🙂  )  I can actually watch a youtube video as it’s downloading without pausing it and waiting 20 minutes for the video to be downloaded, ha!ha!

I went for the cheapest package that comes with a fixed line and free installation.  20 rials a month seems extremely low for unlimited internet access after paying SO MUCH to Nawras for the past year at extremely slow speeds!  Maybe I’ll move it up to a faster speed after summer vacation.  For those interested, here are the different options available:

Home Broadband Tariff
Plan 2 Mbps
2 Mbps Standard 2 Mbps Unlimited 5 Mbps Unlimited 12 Mbps Unlimited

24 Mbps Unlimited

40 Mbps Unlimited

Monthly Subscription (RO)






50 60

512Kbps –
2 Mbps

512Kbps –
2 Mbps

512Kbps –
2 Mbps

3 Mbps –
5 Mbps

8 Mbps –
12 Mbps

16 Mbps –
24 Mbps

40 Mbps

128 Kbps

128 Kbps

512 Kbps 768 Kbps

1 Mbps

1 Mbps 5 Mbps

Included Usage

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited






7 7 7

Price Cap (RO)





35 50 60

Fixed Line Subscription

Not Included

Not Included






Check out all the other options here.  Looks like I’ll be uploading stuff more regularly, dear readers! 🙂  Thanks again to Blue-Chi for the help! I should also thank Saeed al Belushi in the installation department and his frequent check-up calls over the past few days as well.  Now that Omantel has their new system in place, they say that it should take people less than a week to get broadband installed!


9 responses to “Omantel Home Broadband! Now We’re Talking!

  1. its been 2 weeks and i am still waiting for my connection …

  2. Hang in there! Make sure you get someone’s phone number (preferably GSM) that you can call to keep checking. Once I had the installation man’s personal phone number it was just a matter of constantly ringing him up to remind him that I was in fact waiting. It’s well worth the wait!

  3. 30 days and counting…..

  4. Anonymous,
    I feel for you! It can be hard to get anything done during ramadan…shorter work hours and all.

  5. Anyone have a direct number to contact? Omantel Customer (dis)Service is useless at this point…


  6. Xorba,
    Try Saeed Al Belushi’s cellphone number at 99856956. Don’t tell him where you got the number, please! 😉 Best of luck!

  7. I was also having the same experience. Installation waiting count down is 28 . I hope Oman tel is the worst internet service provider.

  8. I am also using Omantel Home Broadband……. I am having 2Mbps Unlimited plan…..It’s rocking….I am getiing around 250KBPS downloading speed…… OMANTEL ROCKZZZ

  9. Md>Rafiqul Islam

    how can i change my omantel WiFi password …

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