Oman, the Most Spammed Country in the World!

This would most likely come as no surprise to anyone living here going through about a dozen spam messages daily for each real message received! 🙂

From today’s (May 23, 2011) front page of the Times of Oman, an article by Essa Al Masaudi.  This is actually regurgitated news from the same paper about 3 weeks back but I thought it was an interesting read.  Essa Al Masaudi says that he interviewed an anonymous IT security expert saying “We have to fight the cyber mafia more effectively.”  Ya think?!

Hours later, I read a brilliant article, written by Riyadh Abdul Aziz (blogger extraordinaire) in his column “From Cyberia” in Muscat Daily on “Solving the Spam Problem“.  He addresses this largely misunderstood report in a clearcut manner.  Be sure to check it out!  Thanks for spelling it out for us, Riyadh!

2 responses to “Oman, the Most Spammed Country in the World!

  1. Thanks for linking to my article Andy.

    The diagrams in Times of Oman really don’t make a lot of sense either. For example, that part about spam going out of Oman is totally something they made up.

  2. My pleasure, Blue-Chi!
    I was surprised to see your article on the same day (only hours later) that I wrote about the one from the Times of Oman. I remember you mentioning that you wrote articles for Muscat Daily but that was the first one I read!
    You must be one busy man! 🙂 Thanks again for the great article!

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