Entertainer Oman 2011

We finally bought a copy of the book full of 2 for 1 vouchers: Entertainer Oman 2011!  Some might hesitate to buy such a discount book almost into the 6th month of the year, but you can still save tons of money with this book.  If, like us, you enjoy eating out a lot (fine dining/casual dining/take-out), you should consider buying this book.  At a cost of only 19.5 rials, the book will easily have paid for itself by the time you’ve been to 2 or 3 restaurants!

The coupons my wife will love using the most are the “buy 1 buffet, get 1 buffet free” incentives at the Millenium Resort restaurant in Mussanah,  (3 such coupons actually), Musandam Cafe at the Intercon, Samba at Barr al Jissah Resort & Spa.  The most common type of coupons found in this money-saving book is the “1 complimentary main course when a main course of equal or greater value is purchased“.

The restaurants offering 3 coupons of this type include: Al Bahar (at Millenium Resort), rbg grill, Bait al Bahr (at Shangri-La), Capri Court (Shangri-La), the Golden Oryx, mirchi, Khyber, Kohinoor, O Sole Mio, samah, Shahrazad, Sultanah, Trader Vic’s, Uptown, Shang Thai, Al Tanoor, bamboo kitchen, Bollywood, Hatam, Kalpaka, Kargeen Caffe, Kerandu, Kobe Sizzlers, Lagoon Seafood Restaurant, Lemongrass, Little Hut of Keranadu, Narjeel, Noodle House, the Palm, Pane Caldo, Passage to India, Pizza Express, Senor Pico, Stomach, Sumhuram, tomato, Ghazal Pub, Black Out nightclub, Cafe Arabica, the Cove English pub, Nirvana, Sama Terrazza, Salubrious, Santino’s and quite a few more!

There are also 2 for 1 deals on Al Masa Bowling, City Cinema admission (in Sur/Sohar), snorkeling, “discover scuba diving” and “2 dives with full equipment” at Global Scuba Dive Centre at the Civil Aviation Club.  For the ladies, there are several 2 for 1 deals on spa treatments, massages, manicures, pedicures, facials and haircuts.

People thinking of buying it should be warned about a few things:

  • The least expensive Main Course/Main Menu Item will be deducted.
  • Only 1 voucher can be used for each 2 people
  • Not valid during: Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Eid al Fitr or Eid al Adha

Even with these Rules of Use, I think it’s a great opportunity to save a lot of cash if you eat out quite a bit.  (The more you dine, the more you save!)  Anyone else out there buy this book?  Are you glad you got it?  How much money have you saved with it?  Check out the main site at www.theentertainmentme.com (and no, I don’t get any commission or anything by plugging this, ha!ha!  I just think it’s a super deal!)  “Never pay full price again!

4 responses to “Entertainer Oman 2011

  1. Andy! We have the Dubai Family Entertainer and it is great! If you go to Atlantis or Wadi World (OR20 a ticket) and two restaurants you have saved the cost of the book! I haven’t seen the Oman entertainer but I am sure it is just as good and will soon be as popular as all the U.A.E ones. They have a whole range of books now!

  2. Hi, Jacqui & Tom!
    Great to hear from you guys! Nice to hear you are benefiting from the Entertainer books up in the UAE as well. I hope you guys have a great summer! 🙂 Stay in touch!

  3. Great one Andy.. but from where can we buy it?

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