Imani Zubeh at Al Maha Lounge in Al Bustan Palace

Now this sounds like a fun evening out!  Iman Zubeh is one cool cat.  Check out previews of his music from his album “From This Moment On” here to see what to expect.  Why not take advantage of the fact that this talented musician is on short term contract to play every night (except Tuesday) at Al Maha Lounge (6-8pm and then 10pm-1am each night) and sit back and enjoy some fine tunes over a cold one?!  2. RO for a 1/2 pint draft and 3.9 RO for a full pint.

I like what Iman wrote on his facebook page: “Working in Muscat, Oman at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel.   It`s PARADISE!”  🙂

6 responses to “Imani Zubeh at Al Maha Lounge in Al Bustan Palace

  1. Hey Andy and his friend.

    All the photos are very very beautiful. I love to visit Oman,Muscat.

  2. Hi there, Raadhika!
    Thanks for the comment.
    Glad you enjoy all the photos! 🙂 Muscat truly is a beautiful place to live!

  3. Wow, and double wow, I just found this! Thanks you and I`m truly mean THANK YOU for posting this review. It really means so much to me! Grateful and respectfully, IMANI ZUBEH!

    • Mr. Imani Zubeh,
      What a treat to see this comment from you here on the blog. Thanks for writing! You are an extremely talented musician. I’ve got your website opened up on another page ( and am enjoying the music that plays in the background. Let me know if you ever plan on coming back to Oman. All the best!

      • HEllo Andy and thanks for responding to my post. It`s great to hear from you personally and I`d also like to thank you for your kind comments. I truly appreciate it. I`ve been trying hard to get back to the middle east, but just don`t have any agents info to get in touch with so they can book me. I see you have blog in other parts of the world also. That`s GREAT! If you have any suggestions or contacts that you think would be beneficial to getting me booked in the The middle east, the Philippines, China or ANYWHERE for that matter, PLEASE let me know. Thanks again, I looked forward to hearing from you again when you have time. My best to you & your family. ps…. I just LOVE that Photo! Peace to you my friend…. Imani Z!

  4. Thanks, Imani. Peace to you as well! 🙂

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