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Mydan Buffet at Millenium Resort, Mussanah, Oman

There are 2 pages of 3 coupons (each) for 2 restaurants at Millenium Resort in Entertainer Oman 2011; Al Bahar and Mydan.  Al Bahar is an a la carte restaurant while Mydan is a full buffet restaurant.  There are actually 4 places to eat at Millenium.  The 2 other places offering food/snacks at Millenium Resort are the Deck and Naseem Lounge but they are really more for a quick bite, rather than actual restaurants.  We decided to give the buffet at Mydan a try on a recent “double date” with friends.

The Millenium Resort is in Musannah which is about an hour drive from the Muscat Airport along the coast in the direction of Sohar.  It is the site where Oman hosted the 2nd Asian Beach Games in 2010.  The hotel is running different promotions to get people through their doors.  If you do decide to go, try not to get lost as it’s confusing getting there.  Instead of turning right at the sign reading “Musannah” (which is where you’d think you have to go!), you should wait until the 2nd turn off to Rustaq and turn right and drive towards the coast.  The roundabout where you need to turn right is the Rustaq/Ibri turnoff and is hard to miss with the two boats and palmtrees in the middle of the roundabout. (Directions are vital!)

The hotel itself is quite impressive.  It was nice walking around the grounds and checking out one of Oman’s newest hotels.  It has been renovated a great deal since the Beach Games.

There isn’t a lot of business in the restaurants as many people may not be aware of the hotel or the restaurants there.

The buffet was very good.  Lots of options and it’s clear that they’ve hired top chefs to present customers with fine choices.  One thing that I found a bit irritating (personally) was the over-the-top attention paid to us.  I think this comes partly from the fact that there were more waiters/waitresses than customers and also from good intentions of wanting to make a good impression which is important to any new restaurant.  Having 4 or 5 waiters standing extremely close to your table and grabbing your plates exactly at the moment you finish the last spoonful or folding your napkin perfectly into a triangular shape anytime you get up is what I call “over zealous service”!  🙂

The salmon was probably my favorite part of the buffet!  Good stuff!

The dessert choices were also a favorite part of the buffet for me! 🙂

The part of the buffet I enjoyed the least was getting the bill! 🙂 ha!ha! Aint that always the truth!  But seriously though, I think 12.5 OR is quite steep for the buffet offered here. (Just my humble opinion!)  The bill for 4 dinner buffets should have been 50 rials but thank God we had the Entertainer Oman 2011 coupons! (Other items/prices included: (pepsi-1 RO, 7up-1 RO, Fresh orange juice-2.4 RO, Large water-1.3 RO, pint of Heineken-2.307 RO)  +8% service charge and 9% taxes for a grand total of 38.619 OR.  Not too bad for 4 adult buffets (with 2 of them free with those vouchers).  We saved 25 rials just during this one meal from the book which only cost 19.5 rials!  🙂

Love the fish chandelier!  🙂

This is the less popular, more expensive Moroccan restaurant, Al Bahar, which offers an a la carte menu.

The Millenium Resort really is a gorgeous building and we really enjoyed walking around the grounds.  I think people driving all the way out from Muscat might think it’s not really worth the drive out considering that there are already so many great hotel buffet options available there.  I think the best way to enjoy the Millenium Resort is to come for a night or two.  If we were staying in Oman over the summer, we would most likely take advantage of their 2 night summer promotion. Here is an example of some of their promotions:

(as found in the main lounge)  If you enjoy golf, it sounds like the Millenium Resort is a great option!  Here’s another great bonus about the hotel: free wi-fi for all inhouse guests!

Have any of you stayed at Millenium Resort?  We hear that the rooms are gorgeous and spacious.  (A number of teachers working at Mussanah College of Technology have opted to rent out rooms there and due to available space, sounds like the rates are sweet!)  If you’ve been to any of the restaurants there or have stayed in the resort itself, please take the time to share your experience in the comments!  To find out more, feel free to call the hotel at (+968) 268-71518. or Tel:+968 268 71555, Fax: +968 268 71556 Email: sales@mill-mussanah.com