Merge 104.8 – “Turn Up the Radio!”

This morning, June 7th at 7am, a new, dynamic English language radio station is set to make waves in Muscat, Oman!  I’m been listening to the music they’ve been playing in the days leading up to the official launch of the station and it’s pretty darn good!  (For those of you living outside of the Muscat area, I believe that you will able to hear it on the internet at soon.)  It is mainly geared towards young English speaking Omanis and is actually a fushion station with hints of Arabic and Hindi music thrown into the mostly English songs for those between 18 and 40.  From the sounds of the music they’re playing and the warm, hospitable people I’ve met at the station, I have a feeling it’s going to be a hit with EVERYONE!

I had the distinct honor of being invited down to Merge 104.8 offices and station along the Seeb Corniche last week.  I mention the location, dear reader, because if you happen to win one of the many call-in prizes or give-aways as a listener, you’re going to need to know where to pick up your prizes!  🙂

Merge is in the same building as their (Arabic) sister station, Wisel (96.5 FM).  2 points if you can name this Al Wisal (96.5) FM Presenter who I managed to bother live on air, ha!ha!

Sayeh Stone, Chris Fisher and Rumaitha Al Busaidi (as well as Sami, not pictured here) are looking forward to serving and entertaining listeners throughout the Muscat area and beyond!  Chris, who is not only a presenter but also the Programme Director, will kick things off at 7am with The Morning Show (7-10am). (7am on this day of June 7th is when it all begins!)  Rumaitha is presenting during the The Lunch Break (1-4pm) and Sayeh Stone is covering The Muscat Drive (4-8pm).  (I’ll post more tomorrow about each of the presenters and what to expect during their respective shows.)

Now that there’s a new radio station in town with great promise here on your doorstep, take advantage of it and turn off those i-pods and mp3 players and give these guys a listen!  I’m really looking forward to their local news coverage, traffic reports, cultural insights and “bitchin’ tunes”.  The fact is I’ve been turned off by a lot of radio stations due to arrogant, cocky presenters but the people of Merge are something else.  They took the time to explain everything there is to know about running a radio station to ignorant little me and then I was even invited to the press conference on June 6th!  If they can win Andy in Oman over with their hospitality, wit, humor and fun, I’m sure they can win just about anyone over!  While I was in the station, Sayeh was even kind enough to offer me a coffee which I shall not soon forget.  Thanks, Sayeh! 🙂 (WOW! How many people can say that Sayeh Stone has served them a cup of coffee?!)    The Merge 104.8 team has already made me feel like a part of their family and I’m sure that their audience will continue to grow steadily as people listen in and get to know the fabulous people behind the mic.  That’s really what it takes to invite someone into your home and car everyday, am I right!?  Anyway, I may very well be the biggest Merge 104.8 fan there is and that’s even before the launch!

Merge 104.8 is finally here.  Listen in & Be prepared to be dazzled!

19 responses to “Merge 104.8 – “Turn Up the Radio!”

  1. 3hrs to go!!! We got Andy to like us so far *phew* Tune in to the mix!

  2. Sami! Sami! Sami!
    How COOL to get a message from you, man! Dude, I’m going to miss your 1st episode of “Oman Talent” as we’re flying out on early Friday morning. Will you be recording that? Is there any way you’ll have your talk shows archived or something on-line? So far, (it’s 8:20am now on the 1st day of broadcast!) Chris is doing a bang up job! Go, Merge!

  3. Brilliant music they’re playing.

  4. Managed to listen to the station for sometime today on my way to work. Loved it! : )

    Ps – Nice meeting you yesterday, Andy!

  5. Kapil,
    Couldn’t agree more! It’s awesome to be able to listen on-line with the headphones while sitting in the office! SWEET!

    It was such perfect timing to meet up with you yesterday as we were both leaving the press conference! Thanks for the magazine sample. My wife loves “Signature”! 🙂

  6. nice post Andy, Sayeh will be happy to read that u liked her coffee :p

  7. I’m sure there will be a way 😉

  8. @Maria,
    Thanks! The presenters/staff at Merge are the real treasures and the music is simply the cherry on top! It was great meeting up with you in person. Thanks for taking the time!

  9. @Sami,
    Good to hear! (I’ll be looking for my copies when I get back from vacation. 😉 ) Your program sounds like a great way for expats like myself to get to know about some famous Omanis as well as some unknown Omanis who are making a difference in the Sultanate. Cheers!

  10. hi andy… 🙂 nice blog ..
    btw who is sayeh, and no offence but I know a few who havent been wowed, did exactly wat i did with the other channels played my CD 🙂

    have a nice day

  11. @Omani Jewel,
    Hi, there! To each his own right?! 🙂 Of course no one is going to love 100% of all the songs but the mix is great. Just remember that it is geared for a younger crowd of 18-40 year olds. 😉 (I guess in 2 years I’ll be barred from listening, ha!ha!) I can only speak from my own experience and I must say that I’m really enjoying it. I know some people prefer less talking and more music. I personally love the shows with the presenters talking up the audience a bit. Chris Fisher’s “corniness” is just my style for a morning show (I may be slightly biased seeing how I won the 1st prize give-a-way, yippee!!!) and I’m looking forward to hearing the other presenters. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. I’ve only just recently seen you around the “blogosphere”. I’ll have to start “following you”. (Don’t worry. I didn’t mean that literally, ha!ha!)

  12. @Omani Jewel,
    Whoops! Forgot to mention that Sayeh is the photogenic British lady who’ll be doing “the Muscat Drive show”. I have a feeling she’s going to be a real hoot on air.
    By the way, why would I take offence to someone who doesn’t think the same way I do? I DO take offence at some hateful, ignorant people out there who assume that I’ve “been bought off” (and other such silly accusations) simply because I’m 100% behind Merge and the great folks there and just so happen to enjoy what I’m hearing!

  13. Andy,
    It was a pleasure to meet you at the studios and at the press conference.
    Thanks for the support and nice comments, I hope we can continue to keep Oman happy.



  14. Someone might suggest that the radio peeps record the interviews they do and post them in a podcast section on their website (assuming they have one). They’d then be able to ‘cross-pollinate’ so to speak and attract listeners via podcasting-peeps who don’t like to listen to live radio.

    If they do reviews of new songs/music videos or other pop culture content those would also make for good podcasts, I would think, and cultural insight talks would DEFINITELY be of interest to people inside and outside Oman. If they get discussion panels going that focus on particular cultual issues and topics for Oman–also good for podcasting….

    Okay, that’s it for the ideas this post triggers–and yes, my friends call me an ‘idea bank.’


  15. @Chris,
    Thanks! Love the Morning Show, BTW! Keep up the great work!

    Some great ideas! Especially the podcasts one. I love podcasts! I never would have even thought about it. I guess you can call me an “idea blank”, ha!ha!

  16. good music keep it up

  17. good music, less talk that keep’s the show going on& on

  18. hi! to all the staff of radio merge,i’m always listening to your station,the music that you play is great, i like it.

  19. Hai hw you doing my friend like listening your station his name mohammed al omieri i like to say hai and regards to his family and friends thank you bless you

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