Back in Oman after the Vacation of a Lifetime!

If you’ve never been to the Philippines, I highly recommend traveling there someday if you get the opportunity.  I just got back from a 2-month vacation there with the wife and son.  During our vacation, I tried many new things such as “Zorbing” (on land and in water),

having a python wrapped around my shoulders,

holding one of the world’s largest species of bats (known as “flying foxes”) by the wings,

trying crocodile steak for the 1st time,


                      banana-boat riding,

fly-fish riding,


buggy car and ATV driving,

reef-walking (also known as “helmet diving”),

             snorkeling, glass-bottom boat touring and island-hopping,


and zip-lining (also known as “sky riding”), just to name a few.

                      One of the best parts of our vacation was the one-month stay on Boracay Island.

Many of you might recognize the name of that place as it’s been listed as one of the best beaches in the world.  If you ever do make it to the Philippines, and specifically to Boracay Island, I suggest checking out this website, , to help you plan where to stay and what to do while there.                                                                 

Of course the best part of the vacation was simply spending time with the family!  Praise God for an unforgettable vacation with His protection, blessings and provisions!                                                                                   It’s been a wonderful vacation but I must say that it’s also nice to be back in Oman.  Spending such a long time away helps me appreciate many things about the Sultanate even more.  I hope you all had (or are having) a great summer!

11 responses to “Back in Oman after the Vacation of a Lifetime!

  1. Hi Andy, great to read you had a good time. For us, it is just still 5 days until we will land in Muscat now. I am getting excited looking forward to it. There are so many things we intend to see.

    We also wanted to stay 2 or 3 nights in our iglu tents somewhere when travelling, but I fear it will be too heavy to pack tents and pneumatic mattresses. What would you do, is there any place where to rent just 2 iglu tents and 4 pneumatic mattresses or similar, or maybe they are not too expensive to buy, but what do I with that after we go back if I cannot take them with me?
    Hope to see you, we also want to visit your church if ever there will be events during our stay.

    We are longing for sun. Here, there is virtually no summer at all this year, it is all over again like last summer, only much worse. Grey and rainy all the time, now 7 weeks in one single row!! We feel already lucky if we have nights above 15°C and days reaching 20°C, and we can almost never go outside, because it is raining all the time. The climate has completely changed in Germany very much to the bad since 2 or 3 years.


    Berthold Kynast, Germany

  2. Welcome back to you too! It looked wonderful!

  3. Hi Andy
    Pleased that you have had a great time. Missed your posts on Oman.
    Continue to be blessed,
    Alan & Susan

  4. Welcome back Andy and family:)

  5. Wow Andy it looks like you had a fab time and well deserved too! Loved the video of Gershom he is growing up quick.
    Have you seen my new little creation?

    Best wishes, Susan

  6. Berthold,
    Just 3 days to go! I wish I could help you out with info on tents and such, but I’m really not into camping and all that. I wasn’t even sure what an igloo tent is (must be a British expressioin) until I googled it, ha!ha! I really do think it’s too hot and humid to be out in a tent. Maybe someone reading this who is more into camping/tenting can give you some advice. Anyone? Please? It would be nice to see you in church on Friday. We attend Friday service at 9am in Ghala. Sorry to hear that the weather has been so bad in Germany. What day/time are you arriving exactly?

    Thanks for your comment. It truly was a wonderful vacation!

    Thanks a lot! 🙂 Is this the OPNO who is expecting a baby?! 🙂

    Alan & Susan,
    Great to see a comment from you guys! Thanks for the link to ! Good to see that you guys are as busy and happy as ever. I LOVED the post on “A Match Made in Heaven” on Now THAT is ROMANTIC and a real testimony to God’s grace at work in your lives! I remember you guys telling us that story in person but it was a real treat to read as well!

  7. Welcome back ACG! Glad that you all had a wonderful holiday, and I will be going there come February next year!

    • Thanks, Alice! Will you be going to the Philippines or did you mean Boracy Island more specifically? Have you been to Boracay yet? I hope you have a fantastic vacation. Thanks for stopping by. Pagpalan ta ng Tiyos!

  8. Hey glad to be part of you best ever holiday in the Phils. I’ve already started my own blog site but things are going slowly. I actually don’t have very good internet connection at home. So much pics to upload! But in time I’m sure I will be able to post all of them. Thanks for everything! Keep on inspiring people through your blogs. God bless!!!

    • Jess, that’s awesome that you’ve finally started a new blog! Congratulations! Love the pics you’ve posted so far. Keep them coming. I’ll put a link on my blog to yours. God bless!

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