Satanism in Oman?!

I was intrigued by an article I read in the Oman Tribune near the end of ramadan about an apparent rise in Satanism in Oman and some kind of connection with “emo”.  Did anyone else read this article?  Normally I wouldn’t give much thought to such a statement, but this was declared by the Deputy Grand Mufti of the Sultanate!  Here is the article in full, with statements that I found interesting highlighted:

Al Kharousi Warns against Satanic Rites
(By Ahmed Al Gardani) MUSCAT – His Eminence Sheikh Dr Kahlan Bin Nabhan Al Kharousi, Deputy Grand Mufti of the Sultanate, warned at a religious programme on Oman TV on Thursday and Friday of Emo and worshippers of Satan groups which have spread among students as a result of lack of monitoring.The programme received many calls from people working at the education sector stressing the fact that the phenomenon is wide spread in Omani schools.Al Kharousi said that absence of faith and belief in Islam lead to this phenomenon. Students need to know more about their religion so that they would know what is right and wrong. About the Emo movement, Al Kharousi said that it is one of the movements which is performed by those against religions. Al Kharousi said that Emo means worshipping Satan by wearing some symbols and hurting their bodies to relax.  He said that these practices negatively impacted upon society.
Does anyone know more about this?  Are there actual open worshippers of Satan in the Sultanate?!  There was a thread on English Saba about Satanism but the issue didn’t really seem to be answered there.

17 responses to “Satanism in Oman?!

  1. Very interesting, Andy (from a Sociological perspective of course). I haven’t read/heard anything about it though.
    Do keep us posted 🙂

    • Shiny Spider,
      Are you a blogger here in the Sultanate?! If so, let me know so I can add you to the blogroll. Don’t look to me to keep you posted on this topic, however, as I’m clueless. I wrote this post mainly to get some answers..maybe some answers could appear in comments posted here. (?)

  2. There is certainly a difference between Emo kids who wear bright pink eye shadow, bows in their hair and mismatched socks- and kids who participate in a mass belief of Satanism and practice the rituals. People need to get their facts straight here. Not every child who listens to Metallica, watches MTV or wears black nail polish should automatically be labeled as a Satan Worshipper! Did they say what exactly caused them to believe that “the phenomenon is wide spread in Omani schools.”?

    • Well said! I also wondered if there was some kind of confusion over what “emo” is exactly! They didn’t say what caused them to believe it’s widespread. What you see is what they wrote. Maybe the article writer, Ahmed Al Gardani, knows more about the reasoning behind this thinking.

      All the best with your pregnancy, by the way, and with arranging the baby shower. It was hilarious reading the exchange between you, your friend, Cynthia, and the staff at Mothercare. I think we’ve all been through “customer service” like that at one point or another! (MADDENING at the moment it’s happening but hilarious in hindsight when telling funny stories!) 🙂
      “Stop saying “shower”! That’s what’s confusing them!” ha!ha! priceless!

  3. I think its a bit of a reactionary piece to be honest and sounds more like scare mongering and possibly an attempt to increase religious instruction in the schools which is already very high. To link emo to satanism is also a stretch, similar to linking any type of youth culture or movement with having a detremental effect on society, a practice that has been widespread amoung religious and political leaders throughout the world. As some who works with young people in Oman though I do think the issue of self harm is one that needs to be discussed and addressed as I have found it more prevelant than in the U.K. I would be interested to know if there are any large scale satanic groups in Oman but I must admit I am rather sceptical. Most of these emos are in fact just teenagers following a sub culture that has become much more mainstream in the western world and hence the now easy availability of the clothes and symbols throughout the world.

    • Those were my exact sentiments as well when first reading it, Ian; “Sceptical but interested to know”. Thanks for stopping by and commenting and all the best with your teaching as you mold minds here in the Sultanate!

  4. Thanks! It’s funny now, but it was VERY frustrating at that point!

  5. omg! this just made me laugh! considering that back when i was 16, i used to have countless t-shirts with skulls on them, black nail polish was my must have on a daily basis AND i used to listen to heavy metal/rock songs, i would find it so funny if people thought i was a Satan worshiper! it is called style! a look! had nothing to do with my religion! I am not defending all, but most teens do it for the style, so i really hope the writers got their facts straight and they are not just judging the way people are dressed!
    and self harm is a real psychological problem, if it is happening here in schools, i really hope the schools will provide the help these kids need!

  6. C.H.,
    I don’t think it’s so much the writers of the paper that need to get their facts straight as it is the sheikh as he is the one who made the original statement. I would really like to know more about where these statements are coming from and the connection between “emo” and “satanism”.

  7. I think the Grand Mufti is bored.

  8. @Nadia,
    Ha!ha! You’re too funny!

  9. Hey all, I was surprised by the title of this blog, but there is a huge difference between EMO’s and how they wear their of outfits usually a mix of black, pink and green with EMO logos and bands that they enjoy lessening to which is some sort of punk/indie rock music. rather than Satanism, where the only color they will ever wear is black , with long nails and hairs a cross their shoulders , drinking blood or Vimto ;-), lessening to angry music of Heavy metal , death metal , anti-religion especially anti christen music and logos , always looking angry and about to bite someone head off wearing the Devils Star AKA (Pangram) around their necks and cloths . Basically the Omani kinds or youth I may say , are following the fashion that spreads globally not only in Oman and the rise of EMO movement as a way to dress is the fashion of this decade , to me I think dressing like EMO to impress others or to illustrate a state of mind of favoring a type of music is not a big deal it’s a phase of their life experimenting and stuff , I think before any minister or official personal of some sort ,starting to write something in regards to an issue or a rising issue locally , she should do some background research , so he won’t fall on confusion between two totally different music genera and or fashion looks and relate to parents and the lack of religion studies . I personally know a lot of guys who wear band T-Shirts know to be as Satanist groups, but they just wear it because they like it not because they are Satan worshiper.
    Its like saying every guy who owns a Harley Davidson is Motor Cycle Gangster or a bike who sell drugs.
    At the end am sorry if I offended anybody here I just simply stating my opinion and my last words
    Stereo types are disserving .

  10. Haithy,
    Thanks for the comment. I can’t see how anything you’ve written here might offend anyone. Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  11. Please tell me how much your IELTS preparation course costs!

  12. Marc,
    From Satanism to IELTS?! lol “My” IELTS preparation course doesn’t cost a dime. That’s because I don’t run an IELTS preparation course! 😉 I think you better check with one of the 3 IELTS testing centers: British Council, Hawthorne or SQU.

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