Interested in Teaching English in Oman?!

This pic was taken 4 years ago with the first group of Omani students that I’ve ever taught. (in Ibri)

With the new school year upon us, I’m reminded of all the personal emails I’ve received from people over the years asking for information about how and where to go about finding a job teaching English here in the Sultanate of Oman.  I wanted to give this link with quite a few good teaching programs available.  If you are a qualified teacher and you’re reading this blog somewhere overseas and playing with the idea of giving Oman a try, I say, “Go for it!”  Oman has been a wonderful place to teach, learn, live and love during the past 4 years and I’m glad to call this place “home”.  :-)

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106 responses to “Interested in Teaching English in Oman?!

  1. Wanting to be in the sunshine again

    Thank you so much for this. I used to be an expat in Oman and was looking to get back over there.

  2. My pleaure! I wish you all the best getting back over here. It’s a lovely place to live! :-) If nothing under the link I provided leads to a job for you, you can always try Dave’s ESL Cafe ( under the “international teaching jobs section”. Cheers!

  3. I was just checking our analytics and saw we received a bunch of hits from this post. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Hello to another Andrew! :-)
    Nice to hear that traffic is coming your way. That was my purpose; trying to help out fellow teachers out there looking for employment.

  5. Hi!

    I just came across your blog via google. I hope you don’t mind me asking a few questions!

    My girlfriend and I are looking for somewhere new to go next year when we finish teaching in Korea with the EPIK Program. I’ve noticed that you taught in Korea yourself, and I’m curious to know how different Oman and Korea are in terms of teaching English?

    Money is also a motivation for us, how does it compare to Korea? Neither of us are TEFL qualified yet (although we can do that if need be) but we’ll have two years of teaching experience behind us. In Korea, we can walk into a job with that experience. How does it compare to Oman? Are jobs harder to come by? Would you say we still under-qualified?

    Also, what’s the deal with unmarried couples? Would we be able to live together, or is that a huge no-no?

    I’ve been looking on the internet for information and found a few websites, but not an actual person that might be able to give me an honest and realistic answer. We could do another year in Korea, but if we can get a good job with the same money somewhere else we’d be eager to take it I think!

    Apologies for the length of this message. I’m just hoping you may be able to answer some of my questions if you have some spare time at any point.

    Thank you!

    Kind regards,

    Daniel Plummer

  6. Hi, Daniel!
    Annyung Haseyo! :-) Comparing teaching in Korea with here in Oman is like comparing apples and oranges. It’s a whole new world. The money you can make here depends on where you get employed, the years of experience you bring with you and sometimes may even depend on your nationality… Without an MA or TEFL qualification, I wouldn’t say that you’re “under-qualified” but it may limit your job possibilities here. As you may very well know, finding a great job is often more about timing than anything. I recommend checking out Dave’s ESL cafe ( ) from time to time and notice the jobs that pop up (on the international jobs page) for teaching opportunities in Oman.

    About the issue with unmarried couples…I know of several who do this and don’t think it’s a major issue with most places of employment. In Dubai and other places in the UAE it could land you in jail or have you deported, but Oman is a VERY tolerant country. If you are both qualified teachers, you could just apply to the same place (without getting into the issue) and state that you’re friends and would like apartments next to one another. Maybe someone else reading this will have more advice for you.

    I think the money would be more here with just about any job than most jobs in Korea (looking at the Korea Jobs board on Dave’s ESL Cafe).

    If you have any other questions (especially the more private ones!), please don’t hesitate to email me at (don’t forget the “d”!)
    I love the blog you’ve got going on. You are obviously an avid blogger! :-)
    I’ll be awaiting any further questions in my email inbox.
    All the best!

  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. Hugely appreciated. We will be keeping our eyes open for job opportunities on Daves ESL cafe, and will e-mail you in the future as and when we may have further queries! Thank you again.

  8. Hey Andy! My name is Nadia and i’m a canadian national living in Muscat, looking for a job in the ESL market in Muscat , Oman. I sent you an e-mail regarding this topic, please do reply :)

    • Ni, Nadia!
      Yes, I did get your email. Thanks! Good to hear from a fellow Canadian living in Muscat. I’ll reply to your email as soon as I can. :-)

  9. Dear Andy

    Hey,how are you? A friend told me about your blog, and I must say that you have some very interesting content.

    I had a query for you. I have an M.A. in English, plus I am CELTA qualified. I grew up in Oman, actually, and I have been job hunting here. However, I wasn’t getting any positive responses. So I went to the office of a prominent Language centre here, and I was told (in no uncertain terms) that the reason I wasn’t getting any responses is because I wasn’t a native – speaker passport holder.

    I didn’t know such a bias existed, until I heard this. In fact, the recruiter told me that my accent was great, and it was extremely unfair, but there was nothing he could do to help me. I’ve never lived in India, and I don’t have an Indian accent either. But apparently, it’s your passport that matters.

    I was just wondering if you happen to know of any language centres/schools/universities here which don’t subscribe to this policy? Or should I abandon hopes and start looking at other countries?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.



    • Sherin,
      Hi there! I’ll do my best to answer your concern. If you have an MA and are CELTA qualified, you should be able to land a pretty decent job here. The Oman employment scene is one of the best when it comes to equal opportunities it seems in my opinion. As you probably know very well, landing a good job is often a matter of who you know + timing. Timing is everything! I’m surprised that you got the response you did at a prominent language center here. Our language center prides itself on having people from so many different countries! :-) I think the recruiter told you a load of hogwash. I say keep looking and you’ll eventually land a good job, God willing! Best of luck with the job search. Don’t give up just yet. God bless!

  10. Ah the “who you know’s”… And of course timing. But yeah, thanks for that reassurance. I’ll keep looking out and let you know if I land something. Cheers. :)

  11. Hi Andy!
    I was just checking your webpage and regarding one of the last comments about non-native speakers teaching English in Oman…I am Spanish, a degree in Law and 3years of working experience as an English teacher for public schools in Spain.
    I am planning to get the Celta certificate.
    Do you think I could get some position if I certify with Celta despite not being native speaker?
    Thanks a lot Andy!

    • Hi ahoralucia,
      I don’t see why you couldn’t get a position teaching English in Oman. There are PLENTY of non-native English speakers teaching English in Oman. Best of luck if you do go through with applying! :-)

      • Hi!
        And last question! (Sorry, I am sure in your webpage you give a lot of info, but I’m so busy doing millions of things at the same time)
        In a nutshell…what is living in Oman? I think I read in your blog that it’s a tolerant country, is it? Is it nice being there? Is it easy to meet people?
        Thanks a lot Andy

        • In a nutshell, living in Oman is “exciting”! It’s a lovely place to live and work and raise a family. Some people compain that it’s hard to meet people. It really depends on your interests and lifestyle. For us, it’s easy to meet people as we attend church regularly and there are people from more than 40 nations there. Hope that helps a bit. Sorry for the late reply. Been so busy!

  12. Jill Fitzgerald

    Hi Andy,
    i’m currently teaching english with EPIK in Seoul my contract finishes on 24 August 2012. I want to move on to Oman after that date. I have an MA, but in geography not english. I have my TEFL certification. I’m not a qualified teacher in that i haven’t done a teaching diploma. i’m having a hard time locating jobs on dave’s esl jobs board. could you recommend some recruiters for Oman or some other websites please? thanks.

  13. Jill,
    Your timeframe seems about right to start teaching English here in the fall…now just to find the right job! I would recommend checking Dave’s ESL on a daily basis. You may want to do a google search for “CfBT Oman” as that’s a popular recruiter for colleges here in Oman (and I worked for them during my 1st year here!). Many of the private schools and small colleges only ask for a BA from an accredited university. An MA should put you over the top! There’s also Berlitz and many small language schools here in Oman. Hopefully, someone who knows more can post any openings they know about here for you. Good luck with the job hunting!

  14. Andy,

    Thanks for creating this site for prospective teachers in Oman!

    I have an MA in Middle Eastern Studies and am working on a Ph.D. in History (although I plan on leaving my doctoral program) and am interested in teaching in Oman. I have no TEFL/english certification and have never taught english to non-native speakers. Is Oman a place I can find teaching gigs for people in my situation, or do I need to acquire experience first? Is there on-site training?



    • Brian,
      Hi there! My pleasure. Anything I can do to help! Not having any experience teaching English to non-native speakers might be a bit of a problem. Then again, there are plenty of colleges here that are simply looking for a native speaker with a BA or MA and willing to teach. I suggest looking for one of the lower level colleges or private language institutes on dave’s esl cafe ( ) and after you have one of two years of experience (and if you enjoy living here), you can start looking at teaching at better colleges/universities. If you’re a single man, maybe you can look at teaching in South Korea (that’s where I first started teaching) and then switch to the Middle East after you have some experience teaching at college level. I hope this helps you out in someway. All the best!

  15. Anne Chevalier

    Hi Andy
    Having taken voluntary redundancy from a large Further and Higher and Education College I completed CELTA in February 2012 with a view to working in Oman. I have a BEd, MBA and taught ICT and administration for over 20 years. All jobs that look feasible require at least 2 years experience post TEFL qualification. Time is not really on my side as I am 60 this month! I have been advised that nationals from the country who have English will be employed before a native speaker. Can you advise if Oman might be suitable for me or, if you think not, which country is the best to get experience? Many thanks.

  16. Anne,
    CELTA obviously helps a lot in seeking employment! People will tell you all kinds of things and I wouldn’t be working at the incredible place I’m currently teaching at if I listened to such advice! (Bear that in mind! :-)) I think you should send your CV to as many places as you can and see what responses you get. Several of my colleagues are over 60 so don’t let that hold you back from applying! South Korea should be much easier to land a job although jobs there don’t normally pay as much as in the Middle East. I wish you all the best with the job hunting. If you have any future questions, don’t hesitate to email me at

  17. Hey ! I have been reading your blog for a while. and I must say it’s quite interesting and very informative. I am a self-employed English teacher with 10 years of experience. I have a Masters in English literature and CELTA.
    I recieved a job offer from TATI oman through an Indian recruitng consultancy last month and i sent my resume and application. I haven’t heard anything from them since then. When do they usually conduct interveiws ? their first semester is shcheduled to start in sept. 2012. Do you think that I have got good job prospects in Oman ?

    • Pradeep,
      Please forgive the long delay in replying. If you haven’t heard from TATI by now, I would be a little worried. The paperwork can be quite slow ONCE you have been offered a job but if you still haven’t heard from a potential employer months after applying, I would recommend a follow-up email just to confirm that they did in fact receive your resume and application. Good luck with the job hunting! With your job experience and qualifications, you should have good job prospects here.

  18. Andy,
    I’m up in Nizwa and we are going to need 99 (yes, 99) tefl teachers for fall semester 2012. The ministry has made things tighter by requiring English or education degrees as you probably know. Personally, I am worried I will have a zillion students in my class next semester:-) So, if you could help pass on the news that the Foundation Institute at the Univ. of Nizwa needs teachers, I would be very grateful. I’d also be happy to answer questions if anyone wants to contact me.
    I’ve been there 4 yrs. We’ve had a very bad rap on Daveseslcafe due to some very bad eggs. It’s not so awful. We’ve got great coordinators,a good staff of teachers (now) and our Omani managers are nice people.
    I’ve enjoyed your blog:-)
    All the best,

    • Hi Sara,

      In need of 99 you say.. ooooh that is good news (for me that is), or bad news depending on what side of the pitch you’re on.

      I’d most certainly be interested in securing a teaching position out in Oman

      Please do get in touch –

    • How is the pay/ benefits? Housing? Social life? Saving potential ?

    • Dear Sara,
      Thanks for the fantastic news for potential English teachers! I wish you all the best in coming up with 99 TEFL teachers! Kind regards! :-)

    • Dear Sara,
      Your news is so much encouraging. How do we contact you? thanks

    • Hi Andy (and Sara),
      I’m curious about how recruitment is going in Omani colleges given the requirement this year that candidates have a BA/MA specifically in English/ESL/Linguistics? I have four years’ ESL teaching experience, more than two at a uni, and a CELTA, but neither my BA nor Masters is in an ESL-related field. Any sense that the Ministry may relax requirements?
      I did send something to Al-Kharasi at UN but heard nothing back.
      Thanks, Colleen

      • Colleen,
        Wish I could help you out but I am not aware of the Ministry’s current requirements. I hope someone else can shed some light on this for you!

    • Sara,

      How can I contact you about the job in Nizwa?


      • Jarek,
        You can reach her at . Sarah, if you get too much traffic and want me to remove your email address, please let me know. For now, I thought it would be best if people could contact you directly. (Plus I’m not sure if you got your 99 teachers! :-))

    • Hi Sara

      Are you recruiting for the University of Nizwa for later this year, 2013?

      I am looking to work in Oman and have a Masters (Linguistics: Second Language Acquisition), a CELTA and 4 years teaching English- 2 years of which were at tertiary institutions.

      Please post your email address so that I can email you my CV if applicable.


  19. Dear Sara

    That seems like really encouraging news for most of us TEFL job – seekers.

    If you could leave a contact email address here, I’m sure there’d be plenty of people (including myself) contacting you.



  20. Dear all,

    I don’t believe in luck, but I sure am pleased to have found this blog with all the useful comments and replies. I’m also looking for a teaching position in Oman, although, it seems that I may not have enough experience. I’ve just completed my CELTA & PTLLS here in the UK, hold a BSc in Psychology with Criminology and will be doing some ELT work over the summer with ISIS.

    Does it seem likely that I would a favourable candidate for a teaching position? If anyone has any priceless information, or is able to point me towards the light, even a glimmer of light would be nice, then please do (“,) – It’d be appreciated immensely –

    Also, I hope everyone reading this blog is in good health and good spirit

    Take care

  21. Dear Sara
    I’m a non- native speaker of English and I did my MA in Applied Linguistics and E LT from University of Dhaka.I have 4 years of teaching experience.Should I apply in Nizwa?Is there any possibility to get call for an interview.


  22. hello sara, you’ve got a very encouraging message to all of us interested in teaching abroad..How do we contact you, thanks jackie

  23. Hi,

    I have applied for several TEFL jobs across the Middle East, with a special focus on Oman – I would have applied for atleast 20-25s job in Oman since a month ago for a Sept 1 start. However, as of July end I have not heard anything from anyone of the recruiters. Has anyone heard anything?

    Sara (of Nizwa University), can you throw some light on this?
    Also, how do we get in touch with you.

    • Vidhya,
      I hope something turns up for you. Waiting till July to apply for a September position is a little late so do try to apply as early as possible in the future. Landing a great job is often simply a matter of timing. Wish I could do more to help you out. All the best!

  24. Hi,
    I read in Sara’s post that the ministry now requires a degree in English or Education. Does that apply to all teaching positions? I have a college diploma and am TESOL certified. What do you think my prospects would be?

    • Summer,
      Sara’s post where? On Dave’s ESL cafe? I’ve never heard of this requirement. Good questions. Anyone know?

  25. Hi there Andy. I am a UK national and would like to move to Oman with my wife and son in future and teach English in a school over there. The problem is that my wife is Chinese. Do you think she would get a visa for Oman? (that’s just to visit, not to work) Any help appreciated! :D

    • Lunny,
      Yes, I’m pretty sure she would need to get a visa for Oman as Chinese passports holders are not on the list of travelers who can get a visa on arrival (listed here: I’m sure that once you had a job lined up, the school hiring you would be sure to take care of your wife’s spousal visa before you left. Here’s another option according to the oman airports website if you want to clarify such questionable cases: “For more information on visa regulations to Oman please call Royal Oman Police, Passports and Residency section at Muscat International Airport on +968-24518746″. All the best! Let me know if you get a job lined up here in the Sultanate. It’s an incredible place to live and teach! :-)

  26. I hope to be applying at U Nizwa this winter. When does the next term start? Do they hire all year round? Thanks.

  27. hi andy,
    is it possible to bring my family in oman with me if i teach there?

  28. Leigh,
    Yes, it is possible. It is much easier if your family members have passports which allow them to come straight over on a tourist visa and then they can just switch it to a family visa once you’re here.

  29. thank you very much andy for the information.

  30. Hi Andy,
    Wow, I am so glad to have stumbled upon your blog
    There is a similar question above, so i do apologise for double posting
    At the moment i am in IRAN where i hope to teach for a while before i will cycle IRAN – OMAN
    Having grown up in the UK, and even educated to masters level there, i too face the same problem = your passport is not from a native speaking country
    This is the biggest bias at the moment in the ESL industry ( i have 3 years teaching experience until university level), but there is only so much one can do.
    Anyway, was just wondering if you happen to know of any language centres/schools/universities here which don’t subscribe to this policy? Or should I abandon hopes and start looking else where in the Middle East?
    If i show up in OMAN, is it possible to just sort of lobby institutes for teaching positions?


    • Laureene,
      Sorry I didn’t seem to notice this comment earlier. My apologies! There are many language centres/schools/universities that don’t subscribe to the policy of only hiring from native speaking countries. In fact, I don’t know of any school that only hires native speakers! There are many opportunities for educated and experienced teachers from various countries and backgrounds here in the Sultanate. I say “Just apply and see what offers you get”! Best of luck! :-)

  31. Hello Andy,

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to provide this blog for expats considering work opportunities in Oman. I sent an email to you regarding some queries I had. Please let me know if you’ve received it.


  32. Hi there Andy,

    I’m a native born American with a strong grasp of the English language, both spoken and written. I’m a stickler for good grammar, haha. With that said, I am very interested in teaching English in Oman but I am concerned about one thing. I do not possess any sort of formal college education, I have no degrees of any kind.

    My game plan is to possibly move to Thailand next year, acquiring my TEFL certification and perhaps even my CELTA. The cost of a traditional 4-year college education is simply to great for me, and I am not willing to put myself in neck deep in financial debt to obtain a degree. I was hoping to find work in Thailand, which from what I read is absolutely doable with nothing more than a TELF certification. Consider this my base for gaining experience. After I’ve taught in Thailand for a year or two, and proven myself a capable teacher, I’d like to try my hand in Oman where the pay is more respectable.

    My question is this: Do you personally know of anyone, or have you heard of anyone being employed as a teacher in Oman that do -not- hold any college level degrees? Is it possible to find employment in Oman as a teacher when all you have is real-world teaching experience, good references and the addition of some (well known) teaching certifications?

    Thank you for your time, looking forward to your response.

    • Curtis,
      As much as we both know that experience can be far more important than “qualifications” one may have (or at least stated on a piece of paper!), formal education will always trump all here. The only extremely rare cases I know of where people are employed as teachers in Oman but do not hold any college level degrees are usually spouses of those who do. Knowing the right people, they manage to cut corners on certain legalities…not something I would suggest! You might consider doing online education while you’re working. I know a lot of people who do and have done that. In many cases, they want not only a teacher with a college degree, but also a Master’s Degree. The best jobs out there want the MA to be related to English teaching in some way. I wish you all the best, Curtis. Hard decisions to make and everything comes at a cost. Kind regards.

  33. Suzette Premachandra

    Dear Andy,
    I am a 50 year old Sri Lankan Lady.I`v been in Oman for the last four months.My Husband works at the Ministry of Defence in Seeb and I have got my visa until the year 2014.
    In Sri Lanka I was a Telephone Operator/Receptionist at a leading Firm and I also worked part time, as an English Tutor during week ends. I conducted Spoken English classes for adults and children.
    My Husband has been in Oman for the last 23 years and as I was working in Sr Lanka I was not able to come to Oman.Sad to say my company faced a sudden closure and I was out of employment so I decided to visit Oman.
    I look forward to do English classes on full time or part time basis. As such I would be very thankful if you could advise me on how and where I should get about to get started.
    We will be going to Sri Lanka for Christmas and hope to return to Oman during the first week of February 2013. I hope that I would be able to start some where then.
    Thanking You,
    I`m Mrs.Suzette Premachandra

    • Hello, Suzette!
      First of all, welcome to Oman! :-) Sorry to hear about the sudden loss of your job. On the bright side, it is great that you are now with your husband! Whether you can work as a teacher or not here mostly depends on your level of education plus your experience. You should read the question and response from Curtis immediately above your message to give you an idea of whether you might find employment or not. Most likely you will be able to find part-time work if you ask around and hopefully something will turn up! I wish you all the best!

  34. Hi Andy,

    Wow! It’s a great site you have here, bless you. I’m currently working as an elementary teacher in Busan Korea and when my first year is up next summer, intend to teach in Oman. Can you forward me employers who are looking for recruiting? i.e. EPIK or 3rd party companies that were equivalent in Korea –as you may know. I have a Masters degree which meant no TEFL was required, would it still suffice in Oman in terms of a similar job?


    • Hi Mike,
      Thanks for the encouraging words. That’s cool that you’re teaching in Busan, South Korea. I worked at a university in Pohang (not too far from Busan which we referred to as “Pusan” back then!) for almost 3 years at my last job in South Korea. My best advice to you is to keep checking Dave’s ESL cafe for teaching jobs in Oman and try as hard as you can to avoid recruiters! Your Masters degree should be enough to land you a fine job. If it’s connected to English of language teaching, even better! Best of luck with the job search as you consider your next adventure. Keep me posted and don’t hesitate to get back to me with more questions.

  35. Dear Andy,
    I have completed B.A(honours) in English.I had been teaching for 1 year in an international school ,Oman.But now I want to work in it possible?plz inform me………..


    • Rahima/Tina,
      I think it’s quite possible, depending on where you apply and their need for teachers at your time of application. Obviously having experience teaching in the country is a plus. Most colleges, however, will ask that you have experience teaching at the college level. I think you might be able to find work in one of the smaller colleges at first and work your way up to better jobs possibilities. Best of luck! :-)

  36. it’s really interesting that there are so many people wants to live in Oman. I think only me. I loe Oman because of nature and still not traffic..Atleast better than my city. But my job as Occupational therapost really get less salary. I saw in some website only 250 something which will make difficultly in living life over there :( my country much cheaer in everything but I got alot more than 250. Problem is I just really love Oman :(

    • Warisa,
      I think the number of people who want to live in Oman is increasing steadily as people come to admire its beauty, its security, its tolerance and its people. It is sad that people in some of the most important careers involved with therapy and special needs often get lower pay than they deserve. I think this is a global problem. We all acknowlege the vital role of such people and the extremely difficult circumstances in which they work, so why shouldn’t they be at least be awarded with a reasonable salary to show them just how much society appreciates their dedication?!?!?!

  37. Hello,

    My wife and I are experienced Tesol Instructors and we will finish our MEd in International Literacy (Tesol) within the coming year. In your experience, what are the most professional and lucrative teaching jobs in Oman? I have done some research, but I would like an insider’s opinion.


    • J,
      I have no idea what the most professional and lucrative jobs are in Oman, as 5 different people working/teaching at the same institute tend to have 5 different opinions. I guess that most of what I hear is gossip and you don’t want to base a job hunt on that! Years ago, for example, when looking for my 2nd job in Oman, I heard that Caledonian College was one of the best and so I applied, had an interview and only at the very end was the salary mentioned and it was shockingly low! I think your best bet is to see what jobs are available (on Dave’s ESL Cafe and other sources) and then research the companies offering jobs on the teachers forums that are available. Even if you find out what “the most professional and lucrative teaching jobs in Oman” are, there’s no guarantee that there will be a spot available there. All the best as you seek employment here! Hope you find a good one!

  38. my girlfriend is Korean and she will be getting her USA teacher’s certification next year! :) she has her Korean teachers cert and 3 years experience at public elementary school. Would she be qualified enough to teach in Oman?

    • Ryan,
      I’m not sure what you mean by “teacher’s certification”. Does she have a university degree (diploma) from an accredited university? That’s essential.

  39. hi Andy, i want to improve my english speaking, do you have any contact in muscat who can help me, thanks

    • Sorry, Ali, but I can’t help you out. Maybe if someone’s interested, they can leave their email address here. Kind regards!

  40. Dear , i would like to contact you as i urgently needs to pass the exam in order to go for post graduate study , could please e .mail me or send me your GSM

  41. charlotteannunciatajones

    Hey Andy,

    I am nearly finished with my MATESOL and have been teaching at my university. I have taught English in South Korea with children, but don’t have two years of experience working with adults yet. Is it possible to get a university English position in Oman with these qualifications?


    • ESL Instructor in Oman

      If you have an MA and two years of teaching experience post-MA in TESL/TEFL and are thinking of coming here, do NOT apply to the UNizwa Foundations Programme job ads but to the Writing Centre / Department of Foreign Languages (Iain is the contact) at UNizwa. Trust me, will say no more but speak from experience. You do not want to work in Foundations.

  42. Dear Andy,
    In a moment of hopelessness, I came across with your blog. I have been an ESOL teacher for more than 16 years, born and raised in Turkey, and became an American citizen in 2010 due to my marriage to my American husband. I have a Masters degree in Education and a B.A in English as a Foreign Language. I applied for a teaching job at SQU , and got an email today asking me to meet with me. I have 2 options. I can fly to Muscat by the end of February, or I can send them a DVD of one of my teaching sessions. What would you suggest? I would appreciate all the suggestions and feedback.
    Thank you!

  43. I also must note that I work at a community college in the United States.

  44. hello andy ,
    i have an english teaching certificate from tunisian university now i m about to finish my MA dissertation specialised in linguistics .i just want to know if there is a possibility to teach in oman with my qualifications ?

    • riadh,
      I don’t see why not. The million dollar question is whether you have any teaching experience, particularly at college/uni level as that would be the deciding factor in finding employment here! Best of luck!

  45. Hi Andy, please what is the secret to securing a legal english teaching job with a multinational company in oman. This is my area of interest. Thank you.

    • temi,
      The secret is “timing”. Sometimes you apply to a job just at the right time, when they need to fill a position. Of course the problem is that we can never really know if the timing is right, so just keep applying to as many good jobs as you can, stay positive and pray that something comes through. All the best!

  46. Hello Andy,
    I would like to know if you could contact me via email to give me some advice for handling an offer. Thanks.

  47. hi andy
    am annie, a filipino, sent u email re christian church in oman…also some queries about esl employment…awaiting your reply…cheers!

  48. Please let me know how I can teach in Oman.

  49. Evelyn Singculan

    hi Andy;
    Am from Philippines, M.A. in English Language Teaching and with Teaching experiences in the Philippines and Libya. Just wanna enquire on how to apply for possible English Teaching position there in Oman.



  50. I’ve Degree in BA in Functional English and BEd in english from an indian university.

  51. HI ANDY;
    I’m visiting visa here in Oman for two weeks now completed, I’m teacher in Philippines for 3 yrs for grade 5 and 3 , and I walk in search and I got job now here in Oman now 14 days Im teaching at private school for K7 but still i don’t have a employment visa and the school still not giving me an appointment letter .I already filled up a form from the MOE but Im still bother about my employment status, I just want to know how long it will take to issuing me employment visa and what the process of getting a visa as a Teacher.

    • Anon,
      Sorry I never got back to this comment. I hope everything worked out for you! It’s hard to say how long it takes to issue an employment visa – fast for some, super slow for others. I don’t believe any school is allowed to let anyone teach before they get their employment status…

  52. krystina lotoczko

    Hi Andy, I’m British, a graduate and native English speaker . I took early retirement from my job and got my CELTA a few years ago . Since then I have travelled and had a variety of jobs but have no teaching experience . My daughter is a teacher in dubai and is expecting a baby and i am keen to spend some time in the middle east and Oman in particular .
    What do you think the chances are of a mature person Like myself getting a temporary teaching English job , say Jan to march next year ?

    • Hi, Krystina.
      I don’t know of any short term teaching jobs for only a few months. All the jobs I’m aware of require at least a one year commitment and often even 2 or 3. Maybe if someone knows of any such jobs, they can post their advice here. Best of luck! :-)

  53. I am for a long time my education is intermediate I am teaching children at my home for about 15 years nearly but now I am thinking to open my own school can I open at the same education for small children or I need any teacher training If I can you help me is there any separate institute for woman only and how is the course is where is it can you help me out

  54. Hi dear Andy,
    this is Zaffar Hassan from Pakistan searching for suitable teaching job for me and my spouse in Oman. We both are M.A. (English Literature) and M.Ed and are having more than ten years teaching experience at school and college levels. We need your help in this regard. Thanks

    • Zaffar,
      Sorry for the long delay in replying. The best advice I can give you is to keep searching and sending out your resumes. Jobs for Oman appear more frequently these days on daves esl cafe international job board: Best of luck to you and your wife! With your qualifications and experience it shouldn’t be too hard for you! :-)

  55. Hello,,
    I was lucky enough to go through your blog. i am a resident of Pakistan, female . i plan to move to Muscat and apply a job there. I hope if u could send me your mail address then i can write to you in person. thanks.

    • I’m glad you got some use from the blog, Anila! Best of luck finding employment here.

      • Hi Andy. I wonder if you could shed some light. .I had a job interview for a college in Muscat and they said they would get back to me. How long is the wait usually before institutes get back to you? I did follow up with them 2 weeks down the line and was told that they would let me know. I don’t like waiting and not knowing :-D You can email me directly at thank you

  56. Hi Andy,

    This is a really useful website, and I’m glad that I came across it. I am an EFL lecturer at a government university in Thailand, and have over six years experience teaching English in Thailand.

    I also have an MA in TESOL.

    I got a job offer recently, to work directly for TATI Oman.

    I was wondering if you could shed some light on what it might be like to work directly for the training/vocational institutes.

    When I applied for the job, I presumed it would be for one of the colleges related to the MInistry, but I was told, during the interview, that it would be teaching English at the training institute, and not at any of the colleges.

    Does anyone have any experience working directly for TATI Oman?

    I would appreciate your comments/feedback on this, as I am thinking of moving there with my daugter, and my mother (who is also an experienced EFL teacher).


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