b+f (“Burger & Fries”) Diner, Bareeq al Shatti

b+f diner doesn’t look like much when passing by it through Bareeq al Shatti Mall in the daytime.  It looks much cooler at night with the lights on, I think, making it seem to be “the place to be”.

b+f seems pretty popular with younger folk (yes, I’m getting quite old!) and with Omanis of all ages.  We’ve been there several times and enjoy their food as well as the reasonable prices.  What we don’t like of course is the incredibly long wait we are always subjected to, first to be seated and then to receive our food.  That being said, here are a few things we’ve enjoyed from the menu:

Soup of the day on our latest visit was Corn Chowder.  2 of us enjoyed this soup a lot but then again I was very hungry from the 40-minute wait for our food, haha! (1.95 RO)  In hindsight, maybe our food took so long because my wife asked the waiter to bring all the food at the same time…

This is one of 2 “mini burgers” known as “Sliders”.  Mine was the “Under the Sea” Fish Burger (1.9 OR) which was quite tasty.  I wonder when they started this “slider” option.  Was it copied off Gourmet Burger?  I wonder that because even Chilli’s has this option now and before GB I never saw this option. Anyway, you can also choose the standard burger size as well.  I was surprised to learn that fries don’t come with the burgers there! (Maybe they should change it to “b or f diner” instead of “b + f diner”, haha!)  The B+F Fries are only 0.975 rials (so I shouldn’t complain) and they’re delicious!

The 2 ladies at our table both had the Rack of Lamb (5.9 OR/each) which they enjoyed immensely.  The wife said it was a tad bit spicy.  Now that I think about it, the soup had a bit of a kick to it as well.  Maybe that’s why so many Indians and Omanis seem to enjoy b+f.  Just a thought.

To give you an idea of the prices, there were 4 of us and our bill came to 25.148 rials for 2 soups, 1 fries, 1 phily RT beef burger, 2 rack of lamb, 1 under the sea burger, 3 mineral water and 1 Dr. Pepper.  No bad at all!  Here are a few other dishes I’ve had on other visits:

Just in case you thought b+f only served burgers and fries!  :-)  This steak was SO good!

If you haven’t been to b+f’s yet, I highly recommend the place especially if you happen to be in the Bareeq al Shatti neighborhood.  Check out their facebook page.  They have a few pics, including 16 pages of their menu! There is so much to choose from that I always have a problem trying to decide what to order when I’m there!  Telephone: 24698836 (Oh, and tax is only 5 % at b+f)

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6 responses to “b+f (“Burger & Fries”) Diner, Bareeq al Shatti

  1. I never have a long wait for food (to be seated, yes). But I wonder if my mother was right then, that if you look like an Omani woman, you get served faster???? I should do a test and blog about it. it would be interesting.

  2. Princess,
    Interesting theory your mother has there! ;-) It did seem to me that Omani women got seated a lot faster but that’s understandable. Let me know if you ever do a “serving time test”, ha!ha! Sounds like an interesting blogpost!

  3. the machine gun (burger). And chili fries are great!

  4. Hey Andy, the food there is awesome I love plus im British and get treated exactly the same however, I am a male so that might be the reaon and by the way Andy try the Dynamite Hot Dog, soooo nice!

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