Cowboys and Aliens: Pretty Decent Flick!
















                                          We know a few couples who decided to make a “date night” out of September 15th, figuring they might as well catch a flick while enjoying opening night at TGIFridays in Al Khuwair.  (More on TGIFs later…)

Cowboys and Aliens was a good movie to watch on the big screen.  Lots of explosions and effects if you like that kind of thing.  It should be playing at Al Shatti Cinema for another 6 days so check it out while it’s here!

I thought the “alien gun” looked an awful lot like the Iron Man weapon, and sure enough, I learned that the director for C&I was also the director of Iron Man.

If there’s one thing lacking from this film, it’s “cool lines”.  I think great lines make movies more memorable.  There were only four lines which I thought were somewhat-decent throughout the entire movie:

  • “Only 2 kinds of men get shot: criminals and victims.  Well, which one are you?”
  • “Demons took your gold.  When you get to hell, you can ask for it back.”
  • “We have one advantage.  They under estimate you.”
  • “I have always dreamed of riding into battle with you.”  “I have always dreamed of having a son like you.”

There were several lines I hated in this film.  The worse lines for me are any movies lines that cloud any truth about life and death as found in the Bible.  One line I hated in this film was when the preacher says:  “I can’t rightly absolve you of your sins if you don’t recall (where he got his wound), can I? That being said, I’ve seen good men do bad things and bad men do good things. Whether you’re gonna end up in heaven or hell, is not God’s plan, it’s your own. You just gotta remember what it was.”  (This is a works related idea of religion in which men “make their way to heaven”.)
Another line in this movie with the same twisted notion of salvation was: “Well, surely you don’t expect the lord to do everything for you. Do you, Doc? You gotta earn His presence. And then you gotta recognize it. And then you have to act on it.” What rubbish! How exactly does one “earn God’s presence”?!  The Biblical record is that the grace of God is not “earned” but rather a gift of God.  Check out Ephesians 2:8 to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.

They even added the all-so-popular line after someone died (don’t want to give the movie away!), “She’s in a better place”.  Why do people use this line whenever anyone dies as if they have full knowledge of “what place” that person went to or even worse as it almost suggests, that “everybody goes a better place” after death?  Sorry to offend, but that’s just not true.

Another scene has people standing over a grave unable to come up with the right words.  One of the guys says, “Aren’t we going to say a few words over him?”  Another character retorts (as the audience chuckes), “The only one who knew what to say is in the ground.”  This implies that going to heaven is a matter of someone qualified to say a few “magic words” over your body and somehow that makes you acceptable to God and bound for heaven.   I realize that one should not look to Hollywood films for any theology (God help you if you do!  🙂 ) but they could at least portray Christian theology correctly when it is supposed to come from a preacher or Christian character. Just sayin’!  So my final thought on this film: “Great action, horrible theology!”

2 responses to “Cowboys and Aliens: Pretty Decent Flick!

  1. Thanks for the review. Eric and I were wanting to see it but hadn’t yet. Unfortunately, I’ve given up on mainstream H-wood producing anything near correct theology :\

  2. Hi Bonnie!
    My pleasure! It’s a pretty decent action flick! 🙂 Once in a blue moon Hollywood does get it right like in “Luther” starring Joseph Fiennes! 🙂

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