Muscat International Airport Taxi Service & Rates

I thought I’d put this info on the blog in the slight chance that it might be of use to someone out there.  I used to park my car at the Muscat Airport when travelling but since the price for 1 day parking went up to 2 Omani rials/day, I looked into taxi rates.  The taxi counter couldn’t be more conveniently located; immediately on your right as you leave the arrivals building.

That’s the sign to look for!  When we returned from our vacation at the end of the summer, we couldn’t believe how easy and reasonable the service was.

Pretty reasonable rates!

 There’s only one location dropoff listed here that I find ridiculously high – Golden Tulip Seeb.  Golden Tulip is practically just across the street from the highway!! And they charge 6 rials!?  They should lower that to 3 rials or 4 max!  For other rates to places not listed here (such as all the way to Barka, Nizwa, Sohar or Sur) check out the webpage of Oman Airports Management Company (OAMC) with all rates listed.

 The gentlemen at the airport taxi counter speak both English and Arabic and are quite helpful.  Unfortunately they no longer provide transport TO the airport as there were too many instances of people giving bad instructions which resulted in a lot of wasted trips for the company.  Anyway, if you live in Muscat and have always parked your car at the terminal (like me before), it’s nice to know there is now a 2nd option at a reasonable rate!  🙂 

I’ve had so many experiences of being ripped off by taxi drivers at airports around the world, so I really wanted to share this.   Think of the millions of tourists who arrive at Muscat who will not have a horrible first impression of being milked for all they’ve got simply to get to their hotel, but instead will have an efficient and easy transport experience.  Way to go, Muscat!


14 responses to “Muscat International Airport Taxi Service & Rates

  1. I’ve noticed a lot of people park their cars for free across the highway, just over the footbridge. There is a dirt area by the post office there.

  2. Yeah!!! A real bargain if you want to go to the Golden Tulip!!!!! Only OMR 6.000!!!! NOT!!!!

  3. Slimster,
    I’ve noticed that as well but it’s not the best option for people with tons of luggage and a kid to cart all the way over there. Then there’s always the security issue. Just HOW safe are those cars over there? I’d much rather have my car parked safely at home, thank you very much.

    Ah….yeah…that’s like exactly what I wrote…did you read the whole post?!

  4. It will be very useful for many out there. The chart is very clearly visible. Thanks for sharing this with us…

  5. airport taxis London,
    Hmm..was this written by an actual human being or clever computer generated spam?

  6. This isn’t a computer generated spam, but an intelligent human being… 🙂

  7. Aha! I see! 🙂 Cheers

  8. Thanks so much for this. I live in Qatar but am going to Oman for Eid. You just saved me an international call to the airport to find out this info.

    You’re the best!

    • Anon,
      I’m super happy to learn that I saved you a bit of hassle! Yippee! That is one of the major objectives of this blog – to make life a bit easier for those coming to visit or work/live here in the Sultanate so thanks for taking the time to let me know that this blogpost helped. I hope you have a fabulous Eid holiday here in Oman! 🙂

  9. hehehe when I was a kid I totally got ripped by taxis alllllllllllll the time. I would pay like 20 rials to go somewhere that the 3 indian men I SHARED the taxi with would only pay 4 rials for. Ahhhhh, to be a newbie again.

  10. Thanks Andy, that helps !
    I need to stay overnight in Muscat on my way to Salalah; it looks like I will be better off taking taxi and staying at Safeer then staying at GoldenTulip at the airport at super high rates…. Or do you have any suggestions where to stay overnight close to Seeb Airport to minimise the cost? Thanks and cheers,

    • Arkadiusz,
      I’m here to serve! 🙂 I think you are right about it being better to pay a bit more for a taxi and save on a cheaper hotel. There are so many hotels and their prices change depending on the season and sometimes even depending on who’s at the frontdesk so it’s hard for me to suggest anything. I’d say do your homework as most of the hotels have different prices on different booking sites. You may also want to search for “guesthouses” which exist in Muscat and at lower rates than some of the major hotels. All the best!

  11. Does somebody know the website of the Oman Airport taxi?

  12. Hi there,
    I have a 6 hrs layover at Muscat int’l airport would love to go to the city centre and return for my flight. Any suggestions

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