“Hot and Cold Affair” – Strange Ad Choice for Burger King Oman

This poster, located on the outside wall of the Mawaleh South Burger King drive-thru order window, has always intrigued me.  Has anyone seen this before?  Any immediate reactions to this poster?  I thought it was kind of seductive with a woman behind her veil, especially with the wordchoice of “hot and cold affair”.  When most people hear the word “affair”, the connection is usually made to adulterous affairs.  Doesn’t it seem that the wordchoice alongside the photo of a veiled woman is giving the impression of “forbidden delights” or something like that?  Try typing in “hot and cold affair” in any search engine and see what kind of results come back.  Am I out in left field here?

What do you think about this Burger King ad?


8 responses to ““Hot and Cold Affair” – Strange Ad Choice for Burger King Oman

  1. I searched it and I got your blog as first result . loooool

  2. LOL. That is funny, Suliman! I guess it’s because I added “hot and cold affair” as a “tag”, haha.

  3. i think its of greater note that its a burger king ad..and you’re saying its in the kfc drive thru?

  4. mohd,
    Whoops! Good point! ha!ha! Changes have been made…I got my fast food joints mixed up there. Thanks!

  5. I think it’s scaring! I love icecream and chocolate.

  6. Strange. We were told that we could not send out a mass email with the statement “dress your curves”, so maybe this slipped through the cracks at the “You can’t say that” office. Lol

  7. Sultana,
    I hope it didn’t scare you too bad. 🙂 I love icecream and chocolate as well but it seems that this product is not that good.

    LOL. Thanks for the comment.

  8. just had a whopper burger the patty was too dry….

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