“People Filled With Genuine Praise”

Reverend Barry Dawson, the new RCA Pastor at PCO, spoke on Psalm 96 last Sunday evening in Ruwi Church.  The secondary reading was from Revelation 5:6-14.

Pastor Barry started his sermon mentioning how each sport has their loyal followers.  Stadiums seat up to 70,000 spectators and we all know who the spectators are and who are the players.  The same notion may incorrectly be applied to church when people mistakenly see the pastor, worship-leader, choir members and others on stage as “actors” while those seated in the pews are “spectators”.

In worship, it’s upside down.  We’re the actors and God is the audience.  As we are “acting out our love for God”, He is taking it in.  God is indeed the most important “audience”.  Worship is not for us-but God!  The focus should always be on God, not us.

In our consumer driven world, we think all things resolve around us.  We approach service with a consumer’s point of view than than a “producer’s”.

Was God pleased with my heart and mind during the singing and sermon?  We need to develop a God-centred attitude which would change our expectations drastically when we come.

Pastor Barry shared a story that Max Lucado wrote about during one of his experiences of being on an airplane.  People on a plane and people in a pew have a lot in common.  Both are on a journey and most are satisfied with a predictable flight.  “It was a nice flight.” “It was a nice worship service.”  A few, however, are not content with just “a nice predictable event” and long for more.  He compared it to an excited boy on a plane ride who got to see the pilot in the cockpit.  “Wow! I am so glad to be on this airplane!” No other faces showed such wonder as the boy on the flight.  Other passengers were content with an uneventful flight.  The same with those at services.  Few come with a childlike enthusiasm like the boy on the plane in wonder.

God protects and comforts but is also the One who causes us to tremble out of honor and reverence and who calms us by His mere presence.  We realize how small and insignificant and ungodlike we are.  We get a glimpse of the true reason we need to worship.  It is in God alone where there is mystery, beauty and truth.

God had the power to create the universe and He has the power to raise the dead!  Instinctively, we worship because we need to.  We need to bow down before Our Maker.  Jesus Christ is the Lamb who was Slain; worthy of all honor and praise as we read from Revelation 5:6-14.

There are moments, if our eyes and ears are open, known as “Halleluia moments” when the awesome holy nature of God has taken our breath away.  Moments like when a surgeon comes out of the operating room and says, “She’s going to be okay!” (AMEN! I remember that moment!  :-) )  At moments like these, what else can we do but worship God!?

All of the universe is worshipping and so are His saints.  When we encounter the magnificent wonders out there in the world where we live, all we can do is worship.  May these moments draw us into a deeper union with Christ.

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