Attitudes Towards Work: Japanese vs. Middle Eastern

This is a funny one I stole from a friend.

20 responses to “Attitudes Towards Work: Japanese vs. Middle Eastern

  1. I visit Japan frequently on business. So true.

    Image now stolen for Facebook 🙂

  2. Still making me giggle 15 mins after reading!

  3. Can I steal this for my blog? Please 🙂

  4. I LOVE this, Andy! Can I steal it from you?? This could also hold true for Koreans!

  5. Glad you all enjoyed it. 🙂
    Of course you don’t need permission from someone who stole it (me!) to steal it for yourselves, ha!ha! I got it from my friend off facebook and it is not “copyrighted” or anything. I don’t normally share those kinds of things but I thought this was both cute and hiliarious!

  6. Love it! Hi Andy, hope you don’t mind if I copy it onto my blog as well! 🙂

  7. @HPR,
    Why would I mind? 🙂 Nice blog you got there.

  8. I also copied to my facebook, sorry!!!!

  9. Good one….what about the MIddle East indicate this? whats that different with them?

  10. Anon, I live in the Middle East area and the lack of so-called modesty and professionalism is widespread. People working here, from Indians and Pakis to Europeans and locals adopt this way of working at their job as a reflex after working for a year or two. There is no such thing as sacrificing extra time for work unless really, really necessary. They take that break from 12pm to 4pm (if you work in an office), you go home, sleep or go out and eat, meet with people… That’s the Middle Eastern way of work.

    • Valeriu,
      Thanks for taking the time to answer this question which I failed to notice. To add to what you wrote here, one of my Omani friends mentioned that 2 people working for the same company often make the same monthly salary even if person A is working double the hours of person B. Such cases do not really inspire motivation within employees.

  11. Yab…i also had copy it…sorry for the late notice..

  12. and I am sad to say many Indians too share the middle eastern attitude 😦

  13. Anon,
    Not just Indians. People from any background/nationality/race/country can end up adopting this attitude once they have been here a while. 😉

  14. I also stole it, as most of us. It is soooooo much true and funny. Thanks, Andy.

  15. It is very hilarious! I am afraid it has an element of truth!

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