Outdoor Dining Season Arrives in Muscat!

One of our friends works at Park Inn and she informed me that Sama Terrazza is now open for business.  We enjoyed a night out at Sama Terrazza’s almost exactly a year ago.

“Sama Terrazza: A Stylish way to relax.  Affordable and enjoyable live BBQ grill, salad bar, dessert buffet with a select choice of beverages can be enjoyed while lounging on the stylish outdoor furniture and colourful bean bags. While genuine lounge chill out music ranging from down-tempo and ambient to slow jazz plays in the background.
*Unlimited live BBQ and buffet @ OMR 16/- net including water

The weather is only now at a reasonable temperature to consider dining outdoors once again.  That’s part of the reason our favorite part of the year in Oman is from mid October to the end of December!  Any good outdoor dining establishments you can recommend in Muscat?!

6 responses to “Outdoor Dining Season Arrives in Muscat!

  1. Does “live BBQ” mean that the animals are cooked while they are still breathing?

  2. @Khaneeth,
    Haha! I never even noticed that. I simply copied the description from my friend and never stopped to think about what “live BBQ” means! Witty one. I think they mean “live” as in how we’d use it in “live performer” with the idea of “done right before your very eyes”. (I’m guessing)

  3. Tomato restaurant at the Intercon is wonderful for outdoors! And kid-friendly Darcy’s Kitchen in MQ with its cute gardens is also a favourite 🙂

  4. Nadia,
    Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂 We’ve heard good things about Tomato, but haven’t been there yet. We’ll give it a try. We have enjoyed MQ Darcy’s Kitchen a few times as well and agree with you.

  5. do you ever see omani couples there? i mean i always wanted to go but thought ill look odd like if im an omani lady walking into a pub hehehehe

    • Farah,
      YES, we did see Omani couples there! Please don’t be shy to head out and enjoy yourself there as 50% of the guests we say were Omanis. Just so you know, everyone was too busy enjoying themselves to look around for “odd-looking people”! 🙂 Thanks for visiting.

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