I’ve Been “Freshly Pressed”!











NO, that doesn’t mean that I’ve been squashed by a steam-roller, ha!ha! :-)

Freshly pressed” is a list of 10 or 11 blogs that WordPress posts on their homepage each day that they consider “the best” for that day.  Wow! I’m honored to be on today’s list! (I’ve been blogging with wordpress for about 3 years and have always wanted to be “freshly pressed”!)

There’s little old “Andy in Oman’s blog” on the WordPress frontpage! :-) Wow! Out of 400,580 bloggers, my blog made today’s cut.  Thanks, WordPress!  It doesn’t surprise me that it was a post on the new Royal Opera House Muscat that got recognized. (It was my blogpost on The American Ballet Theatre’s Presentation of “Don Quixote“.)  If there’s ever a post that deserved to be freshly pressed it would have to be about our gorgeous new building here in Muscat! (Because I was “freshly pressed”, my blog received 2,706 visitors on Nov. 1st, 2011!)

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23 responses to “I’ve Been “Freshly Pressed”!

  1. Congratulations Andy. Susan & I are hoping to see the new Royal Opera House (and yourself) next time we are in Oman.

  2. Hi, Alan!
    Thanks! When are you and Susan planning on making your next trip? Of course we’d love to see you guys. :-) Let us know when you’re coming.

  3. Chris Blanchard

    hey thanks for the comment! and yes, congrats on the list for you as well! and yes, you should definitely see the rum diary, it’s great!

  4. Congrats, Andy!

  5. Congrats on being freshly pressed!

    I will look forward to reading the post. Sounds exciting!

  6. Well done, Andy Brown!

    This is what happens when you blog stuff that has value and interest to the wider blogging community! ;)


  7. MJD,
    Thanks! The post was “freshly pressed” but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop posting sermons/info regarding the church in Oman, cheeky monkey! ;-) (or stop being me, which might be a HUGE disappointment for many, LOL!) I still have to find the time to respond to your “Dear Andy post”, haha! Give me some time! Cheers!

  8. Congratulations Andy!! :D That’s quite something!

  9. Congratulations, I liked the text and was pleased to have an opportunity to see those beautiful things which other while would not reach my eyes.
    I am made curious to find out what you write about the church in Oman.

    • Marcus,
      Thanks for the comment. You may have noticed that I did not post your comments elsewhere regarding your doctrinal issues with celebrating Christmas. I found them to be rather inappropriate for a post dealing with the Joy of Christmas. Sorry but I find “The (so-called) Brethen in Christ” or “Christadelphians” to be a cult rather than a Christian denomination and of course this blog was not set up with the intention of promoting such heretical teachings!

  10. Great job Andy Thanks for the amazing pics also…

  11. great job andy! It’s great. If you want to hear/ or you know some music from Oman, please write me a music-suggestion… :)

  12. congrats andy, I never knew how or who get it picked to be freashly pressed,..
    i saw your post, it was pretty awesome and you had interesting work done to it.
    but was it your best work, or did they get that post by random?

    • Thanks, nasvn! :-)
      I think there’s a team at WordPress who picks the “freshly pressed”. Who can say “what is my best work”. I just blog what I blog and if someone likes it, fine. I don’t think they just pick posts to “freshly press” by random (although they are accused of this sometimes) as most of the posts selected have either been quite interesting, beautiful or relevant to something going on in the world at that time. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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