Some Serious Weather in Oman Since Nov. 1st!

It doesn’t rain that often in Oman and I remember the amusement over the rain when it first started on Tuesday, November 1st.  It continued on Wednesday, November 2nd and started looking a little more serious.  Here are a few pics I took on Wednesday of last week:

Markaz Al Bajha on Nov 2nd looked like a swimming pool but that was nothing compared to the water in other areas!

The rains in Oman since Nov. 1st have been anything but “child’s play” and anyone in Oman with friends on facebook with albums showing the damage knows exactly what I’m talking about.

This post by a “Yes Abroad Scholar”, tells the damage of the first storm that hit Oman at the very beginning of the 9-day Eid holiday last Wednesday.  I love the way she explains why the water, even after a mild rain, can have devastating results due to lack of proper drainage.  Here is a news report from the UAE’s Gulf News about 12 bodies recovered from the recent rains in Oman.

Check out this dramatic picture re-tweeted at least 100 times:

(I personally got this off a pic from a man twitting by the name of Abdullah Al-Jahwari.)  Anyone know where this occurred?

Here is a most recent article from Gulf News about the expected continuation of rain over the next few days.  They warn residents to stay away from wadis (valleys) and fishermen from venturing into the sea.  Another warning and more info in the Indian paper, Khaleej Times.  In the last few hours, I’ve received the following texts from “NCCD”:

The sad thing is that they do in fact need to send out these warnings even though the advice seem like “no-brainers”.

Here is the latest warning (with pics!) from the folks at Oman Daily Observer.

Here’s a weird “Earth Changes Report” that mentions Oman’s recent 2 tropical depressions to be a sign of something much bigger happening.

All of this has me thinking that Rummy, in her blogpost “Will We Ever Learn the Lesson”, is right in the need for some serious risk management here in the Sultanate!!!

“The Directorate-General of Meteorology and Air Navigation (DGMAN) calls upon all citizens and residents to exercise utmost caution during rains, and avoid crossing wadis.”  Be safe out there folks!

9 responses to “Some Serious Weather in Oman Since Nov. 1st!

  1. There is a lot of rain expected today… and if I am not mistaken ‘a light snowfall too’ according to today’s reports by the Oman Daily Observer. It is necessary that everyone be cautious today. I pray for the safety of people and property, especially all those who are forced to venture out for some reason or the other…. and also for vehicles caught in traffic, that accidents don’t happen on account of the rains.

    • Hi, Mandy!
      Andy meets Mandy, haha! Yes, I did read about the expected snowfall AND HAIL as well! Let’s continue to pray for the safety of all, especially the brave men and women of the rescue services who often put their own lives on the line because of the lack of caution of others. It’s nice to see another believer blogging here in Oman. I really enjoyed your posts about your trip(s) to Salalah. I’ve added you to my blogroll. Hope you don’t mind! Thanks for visiting and commenting, Mandy!

  2. Oh wow. That’s scary! :S

  3. Hi Andy… I read your comment only now. Thank you for your support of my blog. I now have a second blog too (from one thanksgiving to the next) which is a devotional. Feel free to browse if you like. I commend you on your posts as I find them entertaining, engaging and a pleasure to read.

    • Mandy,
      No problem. I will have to check out your devotional blog as soon as I can. Thanks as always for stopping in and checking out the blog from time to time. You’re always welcome here! 🙂

  4. Here’s the link for whenever you’re interested. Have a wonderful day. :).

    • Thanks, Mandy. Looking forward to reading them day by day. I enjoyed the 1st one I read titled “Just a Squab?”. I love the idea behind your new blog – taking a few moments out of each day to thank God. Keep up the great work!

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