“Giselle” at Royal Opera House Muscat

Last night’s performance of Giselle (ballet in 2 acts) was wonderful!  Read more about it here in this article “Dream Ballet Set for ROHM” in the Times of Oman.  Will post more pics and info later 🙂  There were a few incidents of horrible audience behavior that the staff of the Royal Opera House handled very well…                                                                         

14 responses to ““Giselle” at Royal Opera House Muscat

  1. What happened?

  2. “horrible audience behavior” can you please elaborate…… the audience for the shows i have been (3) we pretty decently behaved. Just wondering what had changed…..

    • During Don Quixote (our 1st show there) the audience was also “pretty decently behaved” which is what made last night seem all the more surprising. One cell phone rang in the middle of act 2, a man in the front row had his cell phone removed for filming video and a loud, obnoxious man and his guests trying leaving early as we were applauding each of the dancers! (His behavior was the most infantile and saddest of them all!)

  3. Hoorah. It’s time that phones were banned from such events. Why have mobiles brought with them an attitude of disrespect, the world was a more genuine place before they arrived.

    • Phones are not really “banned”; they just expect the audience to respect the rules. It took a few minutes for them to notice that young man videotaping in the front row but I’m glad they did something about it. The woman sitting with him looked so embarassed!

  4. Wow! I just watched the video here and I am now so eager to watched a lived ballet performance at the opera. Such wonderful talent! I would be definitely looking forward for the next show. Thanks for posing, Andy! God bless. 🙂

  5. What I mean here is “posting” not “posing.” I apologize for the mistake.

  6. woooow woooow wooooow !!!!

    I cannot believe it !! it is really in Oman ?? it is amazing place and wonderful photos thank you Mr.Brown for all that. I hope see more of your wonderful work.

    • Yousuf,
      Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures. With all there is to do and see in Oman, hopefully there will plenty more to come, God willing. 😉

  7. Hi Andy,

    I have heard that ballet performances will not be scheduled in the future at the Royal Opera House because of complaints about, not the women’s tutus, but the men’s tights- a little too form-fitting for the Omanis! Be glad you saw the ones you did.

  8. Wolfie,
    Haha. Don’t believe everything you hear. I’ll believe that when I see next season’s performances without one ballet on the list. 🙂 But I do believe the part about the complaints as we noticed a few Omani men sitting in front of us covering their eyes when the men first started dancing at Don Quixote!

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