“Oman: The World’s Hostage Negotiator”

(Pic taken from ForeignPolicy.com)

To understand the crucial role of Oman in fostering peace and balancing complicated relations between hostile nations, this article titled “Oman: The World’s Hostage Negotiator” (posted Nov. 14th) is a must read.  It’s a wonderful article by Uri Friedman on the kind of wise, humanitarian and diplomatic wisdom that embodies “the mysterious wizard behind the curtain” here in the Sultanate of Oman.  Interesting points from the article:

  • Sultan Qaboos is described as “the most worldly and best-informed leader in the Arab World”.
  • Oman has offered to facilitate secret talks between Washington and Tehran.
  • US and Omani relations go back to at least 1841.
  • Oman was the 1st Arab country to recognize the US!!

6 responses to ““Oman: The World’s Hostage Negotiator”

  1. I always thought that Morocco was not only the first Arab country to recognise the US, but the first nation in the world.

    • Yes, Morroco was not only the first Arab country to recognize the US, but the first nation to do so, period! (At first I thought you were declaring Morocco to be the “1st nation of the world”!) The Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the U.S. and Morocco, negotiated in 1787, is the longest unbroken treaty relationship in U.S. history. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Thanks for this good article about Oman. God bless Oman! I believe Oman is a peaceful country with peacelover people and a peacemaker Sultan. 🙂

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