Saifat Ash Shiekh – Fishing “Village” and Beach

Apparently, some tourists get lost on their way to Jebel Sifah and this turn off about 15 kms before the destination is a critical spot that one shouldn’t turn at to reach Sifah.  Sifawy Boutique Hotel staff mentioned this very spot and they are planning on putting a sign up in the near future (to inform travelers to keep going straight).  But, this is a great place to visit for swimming, snorkeling or a family picnic!  It’s a somewhat dangerous road with many steep spots and sharp turns but after less than 2kms, you will arrive at this scene:

One thing that we love about this spot is that you can see colorful, tropical fish just a couple of steps from the shore!  Here is a short video to give you a better idea of what it’s like.

For anyone who knows Oman well, this beach is like a “mini Bandar Beach”.  It’s about a quarter of the size of the more popular picnic spot which is made even more famous with the sea-arch and 5 rials boat rides from local boatmen.  At this spot, young men will offer to take you out in their boat but be ready to haggle as they started the offer at 20 rials!  I told the young guy, “I’m not planning on buying your boat!”  He said, “This is not Bandar Beach with many tourists”!  He said he would be willing to take us out for a 15 minute boat ride for 10 rials.

The tourists seen here (from Hungary) had the right idea.  This spot is perfect for snorkeling!  This weekend when we come here I’m also bringing along my underwater camera because the tourists in this picture were telling us how gorgeous it is underwater.

If you manage to make out this far to this quaint little beach, you might as well drive another 10-15 kms to Sifah Beach near the Jebel Sifah project.  There is a lovely beachside restaurant called As Sammak Seafood Restaurant.  The beach there is much longer and offers some nice views of the surrounding Hajar mountains as well.  Here is a short amateurish video I took while there last weekend.


10 responses to “Saifat Ash Shiekh – Fishing “Village” and Beach

  1. Oh wow! Gorgeous place , must go there sometime soon.

  2. For sure! This place is like a hidden jem! 🙂

  3. Hi Andy
    just to get a clear picture in my head of the area you are talking about here..
    this is the road to As Sifah, on the east coast, out of Muscat on the sort of “back door” way, on the coast road (“newish” winding/up&down road) passing thru Yiti and passing the Al Khayran inlets and before you reach As Sifah…. yes?

    and the turning in particular is at coordinates 23.4811571N 58.7527156E (as per wikimapia).. yes? .. if you have a GPS..

    this coast is excellent, I hope it will not be ruined by these developments

  4. Doobre,
    Bingo! Picture perfect image in your mind. You have described it beautifully! (apart from the coodinates as I don’t have a GPS!) Thanks a LOT for that great description. I hope it helps anyone looking for info who might happen to read these comments. Have a fabulous holiday. cheers!

  5. Next time I absolutely want to go there. I now is almost sure we will be next time in Muscat after February 21. I remember our indian friend took us to Hotel Al Bustan Palace and on the way back to Muscat we stopped in a small fishing villiage, I think the name was Sifah. Is it near there?

    • Hey, Berthold. Good to hear from you again. The small fishing village on the way back from the Al Bustan is most likely Sidab. Sifah is quite a bit farther away. I hope we’ll be able to meet up on your next visit. The last time was a hectic time for me. Take care and keep me posted!

  6. The entire shoreline around Sifa is a fantastic destional for a day on the beach…if only people werent such savages when it comes to seeing women in bikinis on a public beach. Bugs me everytime…

    • I totally agree about the entire shoreline around Sifah! I plan to do some more exploring when I can. Yes, the gawking at women at the beach is a problem. And I thought it was only my wife who got that due to her stunning looks! 😉

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