Christmas Joy 2011 – Jesus Feeds Another 500!

There’s nothing like feeding 500 people to get you in the Christmas mood and to remind us that Christmas should always be about serving others, just as Jesus came to earth to “serve others and offer his life as a ransom for many”.Β  This year, it was 500 female migrant workers that we had the pleasure of serving.


17 responses to “Christmas Joy 2011 – Jesus Feeds Another 500!

  1. Hey! I didn’t know you went to Ghala church as well! πŸ˜€

  2. Thanks for your posts, but one request.. Let me first say that I really love your blog. I have been living in Oman for a year and I really value your incite on restaurants and sites around the country.

    However, I find your religious based postings to be a turn off. I understand and appreciate that you are a religious man, but people of other religions and/or atheists can easily be put off by your religious postings. Please stick to what you do best.. Tell us about your experiences here. Tell us what you enjoy. Please don’t tell us to follow your religion – especially as you are a Christian in a Muslim country. Respect the rights and beliefs of others.

    Other than this minor issue, I really love your posts. I hope you will consider my criticism for what it is – one minor negative in a great blog..

    Take care and please continue your postings about the beauty of Oman!


    • Kyle,
      Your “one request” is an arrogant demand for me to stop being me. Your biggest “turn off” happens to be the very core of my being/beliefs/life. One of the (many) purposes of this blog is to inform people considering coming to Oman of the fact that there is an active, bible-believing church in Oman.

      When have I ever asked you “to follow my religion”?! Your lovely reminder of being a Christian in a Muslim country is a typical attack by athiests (who actually have equal or more disdain for Islam, hypocritically!!!) in a “polite” and almost threatening matter for me to shut up. If HM Sultan Qaboos feels that we Christians have a right to worship and have our own beliefs in this country, excuse me for laughing at your request to “respect the rights and beliefs of others”. Do Christians not have a right to be respected?! According to you, no. This is NOT a minor issue but a major attack that I do not take lightly. I understand that you may indeed be sincere, but you are in fact wrong. I will continue to post about the beauty of Oman, the activities/sermons at the church in Oman and anything else that I so choose.

  3. Kyle
    I don’t see any overt or covert missionary stuff in his posts. Even so, As an Omani atheist, I assure you that most Omanis won’t be bothered to know that someone is preaching his faith in Oman, which Andy obviously isn’t doing. Additionally, it’s a personal blog..he can post the eff he wants to post.

    Moustapha M.

    • Moustapha,
      Thanks! πŸ™‚ I think you’re right that most Omanis (who are very tolerant for the most part) won’t be bothered by anything I’ve written on my blog. It is usually the alcoholic, whore-mongering living-life-the-way-they-damn-well-choose atheists that really get irked.

  4. Moustapha –

    Thank you for your response. I am an atheist from the US. As an American, perhaps we are more sensitive to religion being projected by others. I am happy that people are religious. I support these people. However, it is a personal feeling and I don’t really feel it belongs in a blog about experiences in Oman, but perhaps I am wrong.

    Perhaps my biggest issue is the title itself. 500 migrant workers were fed by many great people in Oman. Undoubtedly, these people are of differing beliefs as all people have different levels of faith and generally are part of a group simply based on family history or tradition.

    I support these people and thank them for their great work. While I do appreciate the idea of a figure who preached good things to people (Jesus) and I know that some of these people were undoubtedly inspired by him, I know he was not involved.

    These good people here made the decision to do something for others and that is what should be admired. Perhaps this posting would be a clearer example of preaching to you:

    Of course, it is Andy’s personal blog and he can write what he wishes. And if he chooses to continue with these types of posts, then of course that is his decision as well.

    I imagine Oman to be a challenging society to express your religion or lack there of and I wish you luck in your future.


    • Kyle,
      “We” are more sensitive to religion being projected by others?!…Maybe you should speak for yourself rather than the entire country of America. There is already an American ambassador in Oman who is doing a fine job representing the US, thanks very much. Yes, you are wrong about what should be on this blog. This is not an official “Ministry of Tourism in Oman” blog but a personal blog.

      Your “biggest issue” shows your lack of understanding and/or respect for the Christian faith. We Christians believe it is Christ working in us that allows us to do any good on this earth. Jesus’ work was not finished once He left this earth. It is for this reason that the writer, Luke, when continuing his historic writings about Jesus and the church, in the book of Acts begins with saying in the former book (Luke) he was writing about “all that Jesus BEGAN to do and teach”. You say “undoubtedly there were people of differing faiths” but again you speak from a lack of knowledge. This was a specific charitable event by the church in Oman. So get over it. You do not really appreciate, support or thank the church as you are SO SURE that Jesus was not involved. You, who know nothing of Jesus or the Christian faith, have no idea of the personal impact He has had personally on my life and lives of millions of others. He was and is definitely still involved in the work of the true church. The fact that you know nothing is why someone such as myself has to spell it out to you, only to later be “charged” with preaching. HA!

  5. Great pictures Andy! What a fun night.

    • “Raed”,
      Thanks. It was great seeing your whole family there helping out. Yes, it was a fun, beautiful evening! πŸ™‚ God bless!

  6. Thank you for your polite reply. I need to have a grip over my wild tongue. (~fingers)

  7. It’s a personal blog, so he can pretty much post about anything πŸ™‚

  8. Andy, you are a blessing to all 70,000+ (2.5%) Christians in Oman. Be strong and courageous! (Deuteronomy 31:6).

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