New Season Performances Announced at Royal Opera House Muscat!

Today from 11am to 12pm there was a special event for the “Announcement of the Second Half of the Inaugural Season” at Royal Opera House Muscat.  (At least that is what the email I received from the Opera House stated but now it seems they are changing it to simply a new season. Talk about confusing!  😦 )  I was flattered to receive an invitation as a member of “the media” because of my humble little blog here.  Unfortunately I have a daytime job (haha) and was unable to attend.  Info is now available online at the official Royal Opera House Muscat website.

  • Performances start January 16th.
  • Inaugural season discount holders can no longer avail themselves of the 35% discount for the 1st half.  The only discounts now available are for students (with ID), children and grouprates (15%).
  •  Group and package sales start January 1st.  Go/click here for a clear presentation of ticket packages and special offers.
  • Single ticket sales start January 4th. (starting at 3 OR!!!)
  • Students, kids and groups cannot get discounts on Tier E & F seats as the ticket prices are already so low at 3 to 15 OR.

Highlights of the New Season include:

  • The Vienna Philharmonic on January 16th, 7:30pm
  • The Prague Symphony Orchestra, Feb. 23rd, 7:30pm
  • The opera “La Trovatore” on March 1st and 3rd at 7pm.
  • Tango Metropolis,  an Argentine classic on March 8th and 9th.
  • The Hungarian National Opera performs “The Abduction from the Seraglio” by Mozart  on March 23rd and 25th.
  • The South African Ballet Theatre is coming February 10th and 11th!
  • Performances seem to start earlier this season – some at 7pm and most at 7:30pm!!!
  • Click here for a list of all the performances.
  • (Sorry for some wrong info I posted for a short while! Updated now.  Thanks for the corrections, Susan and others!)

Be sure to follow Royal Opera House Muscat on facebook here. You can allow follow them on twitter (as I do!) at!/ROH_Muscat (And click “like” while you’re there! 🙂 )  Click here to go directly to their calendar with dates of each performance.

13 responses to “New Season Performances Announced at Royal Opera House Muscat!

  1. If he thought the ballet was lewd then heaven knows what he’ll make of the Tango.

    • Anon,
      True that! (This comment and my response must seem extremely bizarre to anyone reading after I’ve changed the text, haha!)

  2. Andy! The South African Ballet Theatre! February 10 and 11

    • Thanks for the correction, Susan. Because I didn’t go to the press conference, my info was coming from their website and they were updating the performances AS I was posting! 🙂 We definitely want to see the South African Ballet. My wife has got me hooked on ballet, haha! Our good friend, Deepa, was laughing tonight as she said she never thought she’s hear me go on about ballet, LOL!

  3. And how do you know that people with the inaugural season 35% discount can avail it this season as well? There’s nothing on the website. Please let me know by email or on your blog. I’m eager to attend as many performances as possible!

    • Again that was wrong info given to me when purchasing inaugural season tickets months ago and my ignorance was fed by the fact that it was called “Announcment of the SECOND HALF OF THE INAUGURAL SEASON” in the official invitation I was sent. Sorry about that! And thanks for always being so quick to clarify/correct things. It is appreciated!

  4. This is a Second Season – not second half of the inaugural season 😉

    • Hey, Sythe. Thanks for that clarification. I’m assuming from your informative post that you attended the press conference, right? Did you get an email with an invite to what they were calling “the 2nd half of the inaugural season”? It sure confused me, haha!

  5. I’ve got 2 Swan Lake tickets for Thursday night (29th) available if anyone is interested.

    Cannot go as will be returning to UK for New Year. Details of tickets as follows:


    THE MARIINSKY BALLET presents SWAN LAKE – Thursday, 29/12/11 – 08:00 PM
    Royal Opera House Muscat
    Section: 3 Row: A Seat: 31 (ADULT)
    Section: 3 Row: A Seat: 32 (ADULT)

    Asking price: 30 Rials for two! (purchase price)

    Please call me on 95328616 if you are interested.

  6. SOLD!!!

  7. Can u let me know when Rocky Horror is playing up there? Or at least some other classy performers like “Blowing Sand” or Harpmaster M.C. cuz ballet is soo 80s & Operas are way too authoritarian!

  8. Congratulations on earning the title of “most ridiculous comment of the year”!

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