Al Sabla Restaurant at Al Sifawy Boutique Hotel in Sifah, Oman

If you ever get out to Sifah (which is a lovely camping spot along the coast about an hour from Muscat), there are 2 main dining options.  I’ve already posted about As Sammak Seafood Restaurant, but there is also the option of Al Sabla, an all-day dining restaurant in Sifawy Boutique Hotel itself.

This is Al Sabla restaurant looking from the marina just in front of Sifawy Hotel.

Traditionally, “Al Sabla” is a term describing the social center of an Omani village: a place where people gather in the evenings, celebrate special occasions and other social events.

If there aren’t too many flies, sitting outside is always a great option.

We found the prices on the menu to be quite reasonable.

For lunch, they have a la carte selections, including the occasional set meal like the one posted above.

Like everything else on the menu, the complimentary bread they bring to the table is nice and fresh.

Pina Colada (2. 14 RO) and fresh Orange juice (1.71 RO).

The fish and chips at Al Sabla is very good! (4. 7 OR)

The club sandwich was also a good choice (3.59 RO). Including 17% tax, our first meal there came to 14.2 rials.

When you stay the night at Sifawy Boutique Hotel, breakfast is complimentary.  If there are less than 20 occupied rooms (like on our first time there), they will offer you one of these breakfast set menus:

I went with the “Marina Breakfast”.


If there are enough guests (more than 20 rooms), they put up a complimentary breakfast buffet which is comparable to any at the 5-star hotels in Muscat. 

Plenty of staff members on hand ready to whip you up anything you desire: a waffle, pancakes, omelette or fuul.

Lunch buffet:

The lunch buffet is only available on weekends and costs 12 OR + 17% tax. On weekdays, lunch is a la carte.

Now remember, you don’t need to be a guest to enjoy dining at Al Sabla! If you are coming for the lunch buffet on Thursday or Friday in a larger group, you may want to call ahead and reserve seats just to be sure!  (Tel: 2472-9111)

Dinner options, like breakfast, depend on the number of guests at the hotel.  IF there are enough guests staying there, they put on a dinner buffet at 14 rials + 17% tax.  If there are less than 20 occupied rooms, they stick with the a la carte menu.

We enjoyed the Noodle & Mango Salad (3.33 RO).

Bolonaise Pasta (3.25 RO). No complaints here!

My Carnivoria pizza was quite good (4.44 RO).

Of course a 3rd dining option is to enjoy room service with all of Al Sabla restaurant’s options from the comfort of one of their fabulous suites!  🙂

A big thanks to Daniel, the general manager who went out of his way to ensure that we were comfortable and taken care of at the hotel during our stay.  One of the greatest assets of Sifawy Boutique Hotel is the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff! (Tel: 968-2472-9111)


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  1. its nice hotel………………..really good

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