MI 4: Ghost Protocol – Watch it in Theatres while You Can!

The pic above captures the excitement of Mission Impossible 4 which my wife and I had the pleasure of watching at Markaz Al Bajha Cinema.  Non-stop action from beginning to end.  My favorite parts were the scenes filmed in Dubai with Cruise on Burj Khalifa (Burj being Arabic for “Tower”), the tallest building in the world.  Tom Cruise did all the scenes himself without the aid of a stunt double. Cool as cool gets!  Cruise may have pretty nutty religious beliefs, but his acting is rock solid and there’s never a dull moment in MI4.

If you haven’t seen it, here is the trailer (which basically gives the whole movie away):                                                                        

This pic captures one of the funny lines/moments in the movie.  Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is told by one of his team members, Benji, when explaining how to use the gloves to scale Burj Khalifa, “Now remember, blue is glue.” Ethan then asks, “And what is red?” “Dead“, Benji replies.

I’ll try not to give anything away but here’s the official synopsis of the film, “The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in the bombing of the Kremlin, causing Ethan Hunt and his new team to go rogue to clear their organization’s name.”

The car in the move is sweet, which has a few people saying that MI4 is nothing but the world’s most expensive car ad.  It’s a lot more than that though.

Read about some of the cool “trivia” on MI4 here at IMDb.

It’s currently playing at both Al Bajha Cinema at Markaz Al Bajha mall in Al Hail (7pm, 9pm & 11:55pm) (Tel:2454-0855) and at Al Shatti Cinema in Qurum (4:30pm, 9:15pm & 11:45pm) (Al Shatti Cinema film enquiry: 24831358)                                                                             

8 responses to “MI 4: Ghost Protocol – Watch it in Theatres while You Can!

  1. Watched it last week with ‘children’ and loved the movie, too! 😀 Enjoyed it tremendously! Of course, I was there for Tom 😉 lol

  2. I think I saw you and family at the Box Office of ROH this evening…what are you planning to buy tickets for? A belated happy new year.

    • Alessandra,
      Small world, huh?! 😉 You should have said “hi”! I already got a “Flexpak package” on the 1st for the South African ballet, Il Travatore, Tango Metropolis, The Adbuction from the Seraglio, and the Exhilarating Rhythm (that one for a couple we know). Would you believe that I was at the Box Office tonight because one of the ladies at the counter there forgot to return my credit card to me after I paid for the tickets on the 1st? I went there tonight to retrieve my credit card but was told I’ll have to come back (tomorrow?) as my credit card is in the safe and the manager, who has the key, wasn’t in. (Even though I called them twice to let them know the exact time I’d be there to pick up my credit card…) Welcome to my world, ha!ha!
      Happy New Year to you as well! 🙂

  3. Very small world indeed! I bought the “Opera Package” and look forward to Trovatore and Praxa (curious to know how they adapted hilarious/obscene Aristophanes to suit an Arabic audience). Wanted to say hi but was busy trying to figure out dates and seats and, when I turned around, you were gone. The credit card disaster explains it: I thought that you were the fastest ticket buyer ever 🙂 Good luck with your credit card!

  4. alessandra,
    Now I know who you are (from the back anyway, haha). I noticed it was hard for you to find some good seats and I could totally understand your frustration with most of the seats being sold! The Opera Package is a nice one and I considered getting that at one point. Don’t be a stranger next time-say hi! See you around town somewhere I’m sure! 🙂

  5. See you at TrOvatore (the way you spelled it sounds very funny in Italian and I mean “funny peculiar” 😉 ).
    After long negotations we managed to get good tickets: I guess that the poor girl at the box office just wanted to get rid of us!

    • Haha! typo there. Now you DO have me curious as to what “travadore” means in Italian. Tried googling it but to no avail… Congrats on getting good tickets! It seems that they are really selling fast!

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