“Things We Don’t Talk About” (Susan Mubarak’s Latest Article)







Susan Mubarak, a journalist writing for Muscat Daily, is someone you’d do well to follow as she shares deep insights into life in Oman in her bi-weekly articles based down in Salalah.

Her latest article, “Things We Don’t Talk About“, is no exception. (Please click it and read it for yourself.) Susan tells it like it is like no other.  She is, without a doubt, my favorite journalist in Oman!  Keep up the great work, Susan. You’re a beautiful human being!


8 responses to ““Things We Don’t Talk About” (Susan Mubarak’s Latest Article)

  1. Excellent choice of topic. Brilliantly put. Kudos Ms. Susan Mubarak.

  2. Nikhil,
    Couldn’t agree more!

  3. Well done Susan.

    This needs to be brought further and further into the light.
    Our neighbour has a housemaid who works from 6am to 9pm on an average day and gets RO60 a month. That’s a 15 hour day, with a day off every two weeks, but even that day off has a curfew. She has to be back in the house by the late afternoon and then she begins work again, so technically not a full day off.
    She is basically treated like a household appliance, and gets spoken about in the same way.
    “I own this maid. She is mine” Seriously. That is how she described her.

    It has to end.


    • Another sad story. It really does have to end. I wish Susan’s article could be translated into Arabic and distributed everywhere in Oman! Thanks for commenting, Lawrence.

  4. Susan is awesome!!! We never agreed with each other on anything back in uni!! haha

  5. Kudos to Susan. Do check up a follow up series, which is somewhat related to her post on : http://eidolonus.wordpress.com/

  6. Hi Andy

    I would love to talk or write to Susan I just don’t know how. So can you please send me her email or any thing that could help.
    I am an Omani girl and I was just introduced to one of her articles about women rights in Oman and then I read other articles ! It just feels like there is finally someone here that could talk “common sense”.
    Your help is so much appreciated.
    Many thanks

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