Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

Occasional Difficulties in Dealing with Bedouins in Oman – A Quick Example

This pic is from one of my Omani friends who wrote,                                                                               “Our guide, Mr. Adbullah from Jaalan, explaining something about the Bedouins here: The Ministry of Health found it hard to track them for vaccinations, so the government built a compound for them to live in and provided them with everything: beds, cupboards, air-conditioners, heaters, all kitchen supplies, satellite TV…but the Bedouins gave it one look and said, “Ha! No WAY we live in these! They think we’ll live in prison? Who would ever do that to their families.”  A month later the ministry officials come by to check up on them to see whether they need anything for their new homes and were shocked to see the Bedouins still outside in their tents and shacks…and inside the houses were: sheep, camels and goats.  The Bedouins decided the houses were of good use to keep their livestock away from the sun.”  In the picture on the right, the Bedouins shacks and tents.  On the left, the compound/barns.  As my friend said, “It makes sense.  Who would want to sleep between four walls and a ceiling, when they’re used to seeing the stars as they fall asleep?”  🙂