Al Nahda Resort & Spa in Barka

If you’re ever out in Barka, make sure to check out Al Nahda Resort & Spa if you haven’t done so already.  If you’re traveling in the nearby area, you can enjoy lunch there and see the resort’s grounds for yourself.  Or you could book a room and take advantage of one of the promotions for residents of Oman that are currently available.

They are currently running a promo of 99 rials/night  for residents of Oman for 1 night, inclusive of breakfast and dinner and taxes.

There’s also the deal for 135 rials for the same conditions but also coming with 2 spa treatments.

We really loved the executive room we stayed in.  They are quite spacious.


8 responses to “Al Nahda Resort & Spa in Barka

  1. Ooof, ugly tiles in the bathroom.

    • Out of all the comments to make that is pretty funny. Bathroom tiles is not one of the first things I consider when booking a room, haha!

  2. I love the Al Nahda and have stayed there a few times. I like that the rooms are all away from the main reception area/ Do they still have the bicycles for scooting around on?


    • Yeah they do have bicycles for going around. The Spa is the place to visit within the resort and the meditation underground is awesome

    • We also liked the fact that the rooms seemed so secluded and yet not too far away from the restaurant! 🙂

  3. we just visited al nadha during one of the summer concerts of the Community Choir. I like the part where you can go cycling around area. 🙂

    • Bebekoh,
      That’s nice that the Community Choir made it all the way out to Al Nadha! “Membership has its privileges”, huh? Seems that the Community Choir got to visit some great places! 🙂

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