Daily Archives: January 9, 2012

Kalboo Park 4 Years after Gonu – Unbelievable!

It’s a shame that this is how Kalboo Park looks today.  Why doesn’t Muscat Municipality clean this place up, especially the Corniche which would be so sweet to walk along?  Instead the best (waterfront) part of the park is blocked off with huge boards and nothing has been done to restore this once gorgeous seacoast park.  The park is often named as a major place for tourists to visit as reported in the Oman Observer during the last Eid: “The Muscat Municipality has taken all necessary measures to ensure maximum amusement to park visitors, many of whom are visitors from neighbouring GCC countries. The hub of activities could be seen in Kalboo Park, Riyam Park, Naseem Garden, Al Sahwa Park and even in a small park like Lake Garden.”  They should either remove Kalboo Park from that list or the words “taken all necessary measures “.