Daily Archives: January 12, 2012

Chowking Coming to Oman…”Soon”?!

Anyone know when Chowking is scheduled to open?!  We all know that “soon” can often be translated to “don’t hold your breath” over here, haha!  This pic was taken in the food court of Qurum City Centre.  I was first introduced to Chowking during our nice long summer vacation in the Philippines last year.  Delicious! And super cheap food as well! Of course they’ll probably sell it at slightly higher prices than those in the Philippines.  I just hope it tastes as good! 🙂  I wonder if Qurum City Centre will be overrun by Filipinos once it’s opened, haha!                      www.chowking-me.com

“I Hate Religion, but love Jesus.”

Here’s a video that is being passed around facebook by Christians.  The reason so many love it (including myself) is because the man in the video speaks plainly about what sometimes gets lost as Christians trust in Christ and strive to follow Him.  We do not hold ourselves out as “perfect people” or “better than others” as many like to claim.  One of the worst adjectives that people could ever use to describe me or any Christian is “religious” and so this video really spoke to me.

Tour of Oman 2012 Promo Film – Cool!

Great video even if you don’t enjoy cycling.  The beauty of Oman’s coastline, desertland  and mountains is captured brilliantly in this video from Tour of Oman.  Check out more of their videos on youtube here.

Get all the info and latest updates of Tour of Oman 2012 off their official website, www.tourofoman.om .