I Can Think of Worse Places to be on Vacation!

Not a bad view, huh?!  Anyone know where this is?

12 responses to “I Can Think of Worse Places to be on Vacation!

  1. I think it’s Khawr Najd in Musandam.

    • BINGO! Musandam it is! But this pic is actually taken from one of the hills/villages just before arriving at Khasab from the direction of the UAE border.

  2. Most of the Landscape in Muscat resembles this, but i would guess this is off the Coast of Yiti Beach. From Yiti Beach we took a 15 min boat ride to reach one of the secluded beaches. Once there, being adventurous, took off on foot for a 10 min hike and ended up in a spot from where, i swear, had almost similar view. If only i could post my pic too as a confirmation. 🙂

    • Good guess but it’s Musandam. Now you’ve got me interested in seeking out the view you described! 🙂 You should email me or post your pic so we can compare views. Thanks, Rajan!

  3. This looks an awful lot like Mirbat

    • The gorgeous water sure does look a lot like Mirbat, Susan. So true and another great reminder that we have to get to the Salalah Marriott Resort in Mirbat someday! 😉

  4. My first guess is Qantab but then it has a lovely beach stretch. Apart from that… I’m at a loss.

    Great pic.

    • Thanks again, Mandy. When you go to a place like Musandam taking a good pic is a piece of cake as the view “does all the work”! 🙂 That’s what I love about such scenes of nature – God gets all the glory!

  5. hodgepodge4thesoul

    WOW!!! I will take a guess and say The Arabian Sea, a more specific location I am without an and answer.

  6. You are right! It is the Arabian Sea. With all the news coverage about the strategic importance and escalation of tensions in the Strait of Hormuz I was tempted and finally persuaded to go up there and check out the place for myself.

  7. Brilliant foto! So I jus drive along the coast and get there? 😛

    • Nikhil,
      I’m guessing from your smiley face that you are joking around. Getting to and from Musandam is rather complicated and I was going to tackle that in an upcoming blogpost. Flying there and renting a car is probably the best option.

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