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Chinese New Year Menu at the Noodle House

My wife and I were in Muscat City Centre today and decided to have lunch at the noodle house.  Just our “luck” they started their new menu for the Chinese New Year!  🙂

As our waitress explained if you order 1 appetizer, 1 specialty and 1 dessert on the Chinese New Year Menu you’ll get a gift voucher which you can use on your next visit and must be used before the promo ends on Feb. 22nd.

The Crab Topped Shrimp Dumplings were quite good! (Hard to see in this pic but comes with 3 pieces.)

We enjoy just about any of the roasted duck dishes at noodle house and the Roasted Duck and Mandarin Salad pictured here was no exception.  DELICIOUS!

On the waitress’s recommendation, we chose the Steamed Snapper with XO Sauce.  When asked, she told us “XO” stood for “extra ordinary”.  What she should have told us is that the dish is “extra-ordinarily spicy”! Yowzers!  Make sure you have plenty of water in your glass when you order this!  🙂

I thought the Sticky Plum Doughnuts with Mango Sauce were very tasty and a lovely way to finish the meal but my honey was “not into them”.

As promised because we ordered at least 1 appetizer/speciality/dessert, we received a gift voucher.

Overall, it was a lovely lunch.  It’s nice to have restaurants like noodle house in town that offer up different promotions from time to time.  Our bill only came to 18.4 OR for shrimp dumplings (3 rials), snapper (5.2), plum doughnuts (2.5), roasted duck (5.2), 1 pepsi (.9), 1 small water (.7), 1 diet pepsi (.9) with prices already including tax and service charges. Pretty good!  www.thenoodlehouse.com Muscat  City Centre, Al Seeb Tel:+968 2455-8488 

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