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“Wüsten-Reich: Das Sultanat Oman”

I think most people could gather that the title for this blogpost is obviously German even if, like me, you don’t speak German!  So why is there a German title on this blogpost?! That’s a valid question!  🙂  Well, it’s because I had the distinct pleasure of meeting up with Austrian TV journalist, Dr. Michaela Lehner, and her team from ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) during their recent trip to Muscat to report about the Vienna Philharmonic’s performance at the Royal Opera House Muscat on January 16th.

From left to right: Akram Al Yasiri (Kameramann/Cinematographer), Daniel Riegler (Camera Assistant), Nadja and Stefan who were working on administration/planning for the orchestra and Dr. Michaela Lehmer (TV journalist).  Dr. Lehmer emailed me before their arrival asking me if I’d like to meet up and give an intimate impression of the country I’ve called home and have come to love over the past four years.  It was my pleasure and it was great meeting up and chatting with such lovely ambassadors of Austria.

Just a quick example of how lovely the ORF team is…They gave me this lovely gift of Austrian chocolates.  Thanks, Michaela! We enjoyed these very much! 🙂

Whether you speak German or not, you may be interested in watching the lovely 10 minute news report (10:46 to be exact) they did on the Sultanate of Oman and the Vienna Philharmonic’s performance/visit here on January 16th, 2012.  Just click on the following link to see it for yourself:

http://tvthek.orf.at/programs/1303-Kulturmontag/episodes/3478673-Kulturmontag  (If you have problems finding it, just look for “Wüsten-Reich: Das Sultanat Oman (10:46)” on the right side and click it!)

The Vienna Philharmonic (“Wiener Philharmoniker” in German) is known worldwide as the finest orchestra in the world.  It’s no surprise that they were well received here and all the papers I have read had nothing but great things to say about the performance at the Royal Opera House.  Here is one such report from the Times of Oman.  Many of us are already looking forward to their next visit to Oman as the tickets to their first performance in Muscat sold out fast!!!