Al Husn (“The Castle”): Oman’s Only 6-Star Resort Hotel

Al Husn is an impressive adults-only hotel in Shangri-La’s Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa.  Many people are unaware that there is even a 6-star hotel in the Sultanate.  Shangri-La itself is listed as a 5-star hotel but actually consists of 3 hotels: Al Bandar, Al Waha and Al Husn.  Al Husn is the only 6-star hotel of the 3 and currently the only 6-star hotel in the entire Sultanate.

This pic is from the Shangri-La website.

This pic (from is of Al Husn’s sweet private beach!

All of Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa’s 3 hotels are in Entertainer Oman 2012 with “a complimentary night when a night of equal or greater value is purchased coupons”.  Have any of you reading this stayed at Al Husn?  If so, how was your experience?

8 responses to “Al Husn (“The Castle”): Oman’s Only 6-Star Resort Hotel

  1. mumoftheanimals

    I have – twice. Once for our twentieth wedding anniversary and again at the Crystal Ball. Both were excellent. The view from your bedroom alone is worth paying for. It is the last word in elegance. The manager does special offers to local expats from time to time otherwise we could never afford it.

    • Mum,
      Twice?! Wow! Good for you! And on your 20th wedding anniversary…sweet! “dadoftheanimals” must be “Mr. Romantic”! 😉 We were very impressed with the place when dining at their Moroccan restaurant recently (post coming soon…) and were considering staying here sometime in the near future. What kind of special offers does he offer exactly and when/how can we be informed when they are offered? Would love to know. Thanks for sharing your experience. Gorgeous resort!

  2. On their website, they quote a price of 140 OR for one night in a Deluxe Sea View Room +17% tax/service charge( making it 24 OR) for a grand total of 164 OR . Ouch!

  3. What does 6-star mean? Who awards these? Most classifications only go up to 5 stars.

  4. Shafeek,
    Good point! I wasn’t aware of the whole debate/confusion behind awarding hotels anything above 5-stars before. Seems that this “inflation of stars” at hotels is a new-trend. A 5-star hotel is of the highest standard. 6-star (or even 7-star like “Burj Khalifa in Dubai”) are said to go above and beyond what is required/expected of the standard 5-star hotel. There is not even an international standardization to determine a hotel’s rating I’ve come to learn. Interesting. Most google searches of Al Husn recognize it as “a 6-star hotel”, from word-of-mouth perhaps or maybe because it’s Oman’s most luxurious hotel.

  5. Incredible, this is one impressive hotel! I never knew 6-star resorts existed, thanks for this great post! 🙂

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