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Climbing a Palm Tree the Omani Way: Muscat Festival 2012

People have been climbing palm trees for centuries now.  They need to in order to collect bananas, coconuts and dates.  Banana and coconut palm trees are located in southern Oman in the region of Dhofar, while the date palm (or “Phoenix dactylifera” in the more scientific name) are located throughout Oman with the greatest number found in the fertile Batinah coast.  Even today, date palm cultivation continues to be the mainstay of the vast majority of farmers in the Sultanate. Not only is it a source of income, but the pursuit of a tradition bequeathed by one generation to the next.” (from Nizwa.net)  Read this other informative article from Oman Daily Observer about how important the palm tree is to the people of Oman.  “Have you ever seen anyone climb up a palm tree?  I’m not talking about some intoxicated foreigner on a cruise for that “kodak moment” but a native inhabitant who regularly does so in order to collect these crops!  😉  Well, this gentleman, Saleh from Samail, demonstrated to the crowds at Qurum Park how it’s done.

Something like this needs to be seen in a video rather than just a few quick pics, so go ahead and play the video below to see how it’s done.